10 Fascinating Reasons Why You Should Visit Uzbekistan

Welcome to the blog discussing 10 reasons why you should visit the amazing country of Uzbekistan. The country has a rich cultural history with plenty of tourist attractions, and with it being so close to India, you can visit the country without having a long flight.

In the blog, we will also look at some amazing tourist attractions Uzbekistan offers and the easy way to obtain a Uzbekistan visa for Indians.

Are you ready? Let’s see what these top 10 attractions are!

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1: Ancient Silk Roads

The Silk Road was the trading highway between Uzbekistan and surrounding countries. Uzbekistan was in the middle of this highway, transporting goods to Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and other countries. These roads were travelled using camels to transport all the essential products, such as tea, paper, precious stones, and, of course, silk.

Now, travellers can take a historical trip and experience the culture left on these trails. By booking a guided trip, you can experience the traditional yurt camps, travel through historic cities, and learn all about the history of the Silk Road.

2: Aral Sea

The Aral Sea was once an amazing part of Uzbekistan, allowing tourist attractions and travel by boat. Now, it is a different attraction since it is mostly desert. The sea started to dry up in 1960 and is now just a speckle of what it once was. Tourists can now visit the city of Muynak to see the rusted boats ghosted by the sea and visit historic museums.

3: Easy Visa Application

Do Indians need a visa to enter Uzbekistan? Yes, you do need to have a Uzbekistan visa for Indians. Luckily, Uzbekistan offers an e-visa to Indians, allowing you to apply for your visa online.

The Uzbekistan e-visa is completely online, which means you can apply for and obtain the visa without leaving your house. This online application process is very simple, allowing you to apply for a Uzbekistan visa within minutes.

Once you have obtained the visa online, you can download a digital copy, which you can then use to visit Uzbekistan for 30 days.

4: Historic Cities

The history of Uzbekistan is firmly rooted in the Silk Road era. Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva are like living museums with magnificent minarets, beautiful tilework, and Islamic architecture.

These cities and museums are tourist-friendly but have not been completely modernised, allowing them to tell a story from their original scenery.

Visiting these museums will take you on a journey back in time.

In these cities, tourists can also do some sightseeing and visit some amazing temples.

5: Traditional Cuisine

Uzbekistan has a rich culture; like most countries, culinary creations are a big part of culture. The Uzbek dishes are usually made in a slow cooking process; this is also why, in traditional cases, the pots are always shimmering, ready for any unexpected guests.

Being part of Asia, there are plenty of soup dishes, meat, and noodles.

Some traditional dishes include:

  • Plov: This dish is also considered the national dish of Uzbekistan. It is a plate of perfectly cooked rice with a blend of lamb or beef, onions, garlic, carrots, and a mix of spices.
  • Shasilic: Shasilic is a skewered grilled meat marinated in a special sauce. It is easy to eat and is widely served at gatherings and events.
  • Samsa: This is a traditional pastry filled with either lamb or beef. In the more rural areas, it is still baked in the traditional clay ovens, giving it that extra cultural flavour.

6: Unique Arts and Crafts

With the Silk Road travelling through the country, there is no lack of trading in Uzbekistan. Tourists can buy souvenirs to remember this special trip to this amazing country. The Uzbek offers stalls where you can get beautiful ceramic plates and bowls, wood carvings, and definitely silk products like clothes, scarves, and carpets.

7: Natural Land Scapes

A country mostly covered in Desert, Uzbekistan does have some natural sceneries, such as the Naratau mountain range. Here, travellers can explore hiking, camel riding and swimming in natural lakes.

Lake Aydarkul is also a place to visit, especially in warmer temperatures. Here, you can cool off while swimming or try your luck with fishing.

8: Affordability

With Uzbekistan close to India, travelling is not too far, making flights cheaper. The country is also very affordable to travel through, especially when using local transportation.

While there are some amazing attractions for a small fee, the country also offers free tourist attractions for certain cultural and historical sights.

9: Japanese garden

Yes, the Japanese garden is still in Uzbekistan. It’s a garden featuring a Japanese style but has its own Uzbek twist. Garden lovers will enjoy this relaxing path through a garden filled with plants and greenery from Japanese culture. The garden has an amazing water background, often used for wedding photos.

As a traveller looking to relax and experience peacefulness, this is the garden to visit.

10: Warm Hospitality

Any traveller looking to go on a trip wants to experience friendliness and hospitality. Uzbekistan is a great place for those reasons. The locals are always friendly and will welcome you into their homes for a lovely meal.

Even though it is a country new to tourism since it became independent in 1991, the cities in Uzbekistan are very tourist-friendly, and it is an ongoing goal to increase tourism safety.

We Have Reached The End

Thank you for joining me in this blog on why Uzbekistan is such a wonderful country to visit; you can now plan your trip to this amazing country. And to make your planning even quicker, we saw that Indians can get an Uzbekistan visa for Indians quickly and easily.

Travel safely, and enjoy your trip to Uzbekistan!

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