3 Things You Should Know About Second-Hand Clothing

If you’re interested in fashion, you know it’s about more than just looking good. It’s also about shopping ethically. That’s why the second hand clothing market is currently booming.

In the US alone, it currently stands at $28 billion, and it’s expected to more than double in the next five years. So if you’re looking to invest in some pre-loved threads, what should you look out for?

Read on for 3 things you should know about second hand clothing.load-image (2).jpg

1. It’s the Most Sustainable Form of Fashion

The pre-owned fashion market doesn’t just liven up your wardrobe. It also contributes to your eco-credentials. Fast fashion is a controversial topic right now. If you buy second hand clothes, you are extending the life of the item and reducing the burden on the planet.

When you head to second hand clothing stores or buy second hand clothes online, you automatically save clothes from going to landfill.

Every year, tons of clothes that would have gone to landfills are given new life. Goodwill, thrift stores, and other second hand clothing shops are great places to look for vintage finds.

When you purchase second hand clothing from these retailers, you can also support charities that you care about.

2. You Can Get Great Deals, but Shop Carefully

Just like when you go regular clothes shopping, it’s safest to try before you buy. If you’re buying second hand clothes online, what is their return policy like? You need to know that you won’t actually waste money rather than saving it.

Also, second hand clothing can show signs of wear and tear. This might be a tiny stain that you can easily remove at home. Or it might be something more serious, like a rip or tear.

You need to decide how badly you want it, and how much time and expense it will take to repair it.

Also, not all second hand stores offer great value. If they practice set pricing, you may find you actually pay more than you would in a bulk retailer like Target.

Like other retailers, second hand clothing shops periodically have sales. This can be a great way to snag yourself a bargain.

3. Vintage Clothes Are Higher Quality

The rise of fast fashion means that we don’t expect our clothes to last for years. This is in total contrast to the way clothes were made in the past. People had fewer clothes and expected them to last.

Second hand clothes stores, and searching for second hand clothes online, can allow you to buy some of these high-quality vintage items. These pieces were made to last and be repairable.

Not only can you get yourself a one-of-a-kind piece, but when you buy second hand clothes you may also find they last a lot longer!

Snag Yourself Some Great Second Hand Clothing

Buying second hand clothing is an awesome way to save a few bucks, and reduce your impact on the planet’s resources. Plus, you might just find that you get yourself some higher-quality clothing than you would normally wear!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on second hand clothing shopping! For more great hints, tips and hacks, head over to our Fashion and Lifestyle section today!

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