3 Tips for Buying Hockey Shirts for the Sports Enthusiast in Your Life

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in North America, with USA Hockey gaining over 93,000 new player members between 2021 and 2022. Like breakaway banners One of the best gifts to give to the growing hockey fan in your life is hockey apparel that helps them display their allegiance. Hockey shirts provide athletic performance and a chance to display a favorite team’s colors for sports fans.

The challenge of finding the best hockey shirts is daunting when you’re not familiar with sizing. The perfect hockey jersey or shirt will leave a lasting impression on sports enthusiasts, and finding the right tips when shopping makes all the difference.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered the perfect spot to learn about the essential tips to use when shopping for hockey gifts for your favorite sports fans. Continue reading to find hockey apparel today!

1. Consider the Sizing

Size is one of the most crucial components when shopping for hockey shirts for sports fans in your life or household. Hockey jerseys are notorious for tricky sizing, but getting an accurate size is simple when accessing a measuring tape. Hockey shirts and jerseys are designed to provide enough space for shoulder pads.

Ideally, having the recipient try on different jersey sizes is the best way to get sizing for hockey gifts. It’s also vital to consider that different manufacturers will use other sizing methods. Research the size charts from each manufacturer to find the best fit for your budget and the recipient of the hockey shirts.

Here’s a closer look at some focal points to check when getting sizing with a measuring tape.

Chest Width

The chest width is the first thing to check when measuring the recipient of the hockey jersey. If the hockey shirts are used in games, measure the recipient when wearing their protective gear. It’s a sure way to determine whether the hockey jersey will fit.

Start by measuring around the fullest part of the chest and protective gear there. Ensure that the tape measure is passing under the armpits of the person you’re measuring. Compare the results of the chest width with the “A” measurement on the sizing chart for the hockey shirts.

Hockey Shirt Length

It’s also critical to ensure an appropriate length when shopping for hockey shirts for your favorite sports enthusiasts. The best place to measure is from the shoulder to the hip, corresponding with the “B” measurement on the sizing chart. It’s one of the most critical measurements to ensure the wearer’s ideal jersey length.

If sports fans will wear the jersey to watch hockey games, err on the side of caution with length. A longer measurement will result in a draped look, while a shorter measurement will result in the hockey jersey ending below the waist. Ask the person you’re shopping for about their preferences before purchasing a hockey mystery box.

You don’t want to purchase hockey shirts that look silly or too large for the recipient. It’s also worth noting that hockey players do not tuck their jerseys in. NHL rules prohibit this act, so fans also wear their jerseys untucked.

Sleeve Length

The last point of emphasis with sizing for hockey shirts is the sleeve length. The best way to measure for accurate sleeve lengths is from the center of the back of the wearer’s neck to the wrist when the arm is outstretched. The measurement you gain corresponds to the “C” measurement on sizing charts.

If the hockey shirts are for game use, ensure the team uses full-length or 3/4-length sleeves before purchasing. Jot down the measurements you’ve captured and compare them to the top hockey shirt manufacturers. The information you’ve collected will take you one step closer to putting a smile on the faces of your favorite hockey fans.

2. Learn the Types

There are several types of hockey shirts on the market, each with a different level of quality. The Replica jerseys are designed to look and feel like the players’ authentic hockey shirts when on the ice, but at a more affordable price point. They’re also referred to as practice jerseys, and they provide a looser fit.

Premier NHL jerseys are another option worth considering when shopping for gifts for hockey and sports enthusiasts. The materials are higher in quality and include a breathable mesh for intense games and practice sessions.

The Authentic hockey shirts are the top-of-the-line when shopping for your favorite sports fans. The pros wear these same jerseys when competing for a Stanley Cup Championship. The price is higher, but sports fans will appreciate the attention to detail and performance of the materials used for these hockey shirts.

3. Know the Color Options

Each NHL team wears several different jerseys throughout a long, grueling season. While the Home and Away jerseys stay relatively the same, the alternate jerseys provide more personality and a unique look. Knowing the color options is vital to ensure you’re buying hockey shirts that your favorite fans will love and wear for years to come.

White jerseys get dirty quickly and are more challenging to maintain. Most stains will disappear, but the work required to keep a pristine white jersey is intense. Opting for other colors is best, especially if the recipient is younger or more active.

It’s also worth noting that third jerseys change often. Your purchased hockey shirt could no longer be in use within a few seasons. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate loyalty to the team as seasons pass. A dark home jersey is a safe bet when preparing to spend your hard-earned money on hockey shirts for the hockey fans in your life.

Start Shopping for Hockey Shirts Today

Shopping for hockey shirts is as simple as a one-timer when choosing the best gifts for the hockey fans in your life. Knowing the sizing to ensure the perfect fit and comparing your measurements across different manufacturers is critical. Most importantly, know the color options to find the ideal hockey apparel for birthdays, holidays, and more.

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