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4 Supply Chain Network Trends to Watch For in 2024

Maintaining your supply chain is a critical step toward keeping up with demand from your loyal customers. Despite the importance of the supply chain industry, only six percent of US companies have complete visibility of their supply chains. Finding ways to optimize your supply chain network is vital to work around geopolitical conflict and shortages.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your brand, your best move is to monitor the supply chain trends. Following these trends will give you ideas for improving your business supply chain.

Fortunately, you’re in the right spot to learn about the latest supply chain trends for 2024. Continue reading to combine knowledge with supply chain technology to grow your brand today!

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is changing the way businesses operate. It provides an opportunity to decrease errors and create an efficient supply chain. You can automate time-consuming tasks and free your employees to focus on growing other company parts.

AI will make predictions to help you understand future challenges your brand will face. You’ll improve efficiency and deliver the best products to your customers. It’s the best way to adapt to market changes and make informed decisions for the company’s future.

2. 3D Printing

Another trend that is gaining traction in the supply chain industry is 3D printing. It’s a technology that helps brands produce products on demand. You’ll begin production multiple steps closer to the end consumer.

3D printing is an excellent way to lower manufacturing and transportation costs. You’ll save money while delivering the quality your customers expect from your brand. Your company can adapt to customer demand and provide more customization options to fit a broader range of needs.

3. Predictive Analytics

The supply chain is a long connection between companies and suppliers. It takes one small change to throw everything into disarray. The confusion and frustration cause customers to look elsewhere to suit their needs and wants.

You can avoid those obstacles with predictive analytics for your supply chain. The program will collect and analyze data to provide your managers with reports.

You can analyze potential changes to your suppliers to adapt. Find a service that can help you optimize your brand’s supply chain, and request a quote here.

4. Risk Management

The global economy is a massive spiderweb of companies and suppliers. You face significant risk if you depend entirely on one or two suppliers.

Risk management technology is trending in the supply chain industry. Implement risk management strategies within your supply chain to overcome obstacles and ensure you have the materials your brand needs. It’s the best way to move toward sustainable success.

Boost Your Supply Chain Network Today

Following trends to improve your supply chain network is essential to adapting to a changing landscape. Automation provides lower prices and more time for employees to tackle other tasks.

You can also use 3D printing to shorten the supply chain and get closer to the final consumer. Risk management and data analysis also help you make informed decisions for your brand’s future.

Monitoring technology is one of the best ways to help your brand stay ahead of competitors. Explore our Business and Tech content for ideas and inspiration for your company today!

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