5 Branded Watches that Look Expensive Without Costing a Bomb

We are undoubtedly living in the technology age. However, even though we cannot imagine our lives without them, there is still no justification for doing away with a mechanical timepiece that is both useful and efficient. Yes, we are discussing timepieces! And not just any timepieces, but the finest ones that will not be heavy on your wallet!

These accessories are not only classy, but they also serve as status symbols and a fascinating means of expressing who we are. Watches can, of course, be passed down through the generations as heirlooms. The most extraordinary watches for ladies and the top luxury watch companies are options if you want to focus on the specifics. However, it would be best if you believed that you do not need a massive repository of money to own some insane timepieces. Here are some branded watches you can check out!

Workwear Watch

This black workwear watch is a sleek, formal timepiece with an ultrasophisticated look. It is one of those models with minimal designs but looks way classier than it costs. We all know that black is an evergreen colour that complements anything and everything. This workwear watch will go with all kinds of attire and help you enhance your look! The dial and strap are black in colour, and the strap has a clasp locking mechanism. Also, features like 5 ATM water resistance, mineral glass in the dial, metal body, etc., ensure long-term use without any wear and tear.

Workwear Watch with Blue Dial

This is yet another minimalistic piece that never fails to stand out. Many would argue that this is a fundamental and standard design, but the truth is, the combination of blue dials and brown straps has stood the test for years now, and it is a quintessential piece that almost all watch lovers add to their collections. So naturally, they go best with casual and semi-formal looks. This piece indeed looks like it belongs to the branded watches segment, but you can add this one to your kitty without it costing a bomb! It is an analogue watch with date, has brown leather straps, and comes with a buckle locking mechanism.

Slim Multifunction Grey

When black and grey come together, it makes a timeless combination. This brilliant timepiece comes with a black leather strap and a grey stainless steel round dial. If you pair this with formal attire, it will help enhance your look dramatically! It is impossible to say that this does not look like it belongs to the branded watches family. It is from the Slim Multifunction series and has a buckle locking mechanism. 

Slim Multifunction Silver

In the simplest of terms, Silver is eternal. This specific multifunction watch comes with a black-coloured, round stainless steel dial and silver stainless steel straps. The locking mechanism is a three-piece sliding clasp and has 5 ATM water resistance. The duo of black and Silver simply brings out the best in you. Talk about a watch being classy, robust, and formal, and you have the Slim Multifunction Silver right in front of you. It sure looks like it belongs to the league of branded watches. So, if you find yourself in a silver state of mind, you know what to look up.

Men’s and women’s budget branded watches are at their zenith. Never have so many quality and trustworthy timepieces been offered for such a low price. There is always a stylish, startlingly affordable wristwatch somewhere with your signature on it, irrespective of whether you are seeking an office watch at a strict cost or need a stone studded piece that is not too heavy on your bank account. The good news is that you have your options! One of the most reliable brands is Titan, so if you are looking for a fine timepiece, you know where to go!

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