5 Outdoor Activities That Are Great for Retired People

According to medical professionals, seniors over 65 need at least 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise per week.

As you get older, it gets more difficult to motivate yourself to be active. The problem is that the importance of being healthy doesn’t diminish as you age. It becomes more integral to your vitality and happiness.

Finding outdoor activities that are both enjoyable and give you the exercise you need can be tricky. We will help you out today by telling you 5 outdoor activities that are perfect for retirees to take up. Keep reading and you’ll be able to look after your body and mind while having fun along the way.

1. Hiking

Light hiking or walks in nature are a great way to incentivize senior citizens to get their steps in. It can be difficult for seniors to walk long distances, especially those with mobility issues, but being in nature is great for the body and mind.

Many studies have shown that spending time in nature can improve the emotional and psychological health of older adults. If you’ve got a park or nature path near your home, take the time each day to go on a short walk among the trees and birds.

2. Outdoor Yoga

Even active seniors have trouble with tight joints. Yoga is a great way to alleviate this tightness and build muscle through aerobic stretching.

Yoga is an ancient practice that has benefits for both the body and the mind. If you’ve been feeling depressed about your lack of activity or anxious about being active, yoga can help boost mindfulness and gratitude while building strength. It may also lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

3. Golf

If you’re keen on playing sports, golf is a great choice for seniors. It’s a relatively low-impact game but requires you to walk fairly long distances and stretch certain muscle groups.

The rules of golf are simple: get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of attempts. When you play golf, you get exercise, but you can also do it in groups, giving you a more active social life as well.

4. Tai Chi

Yoga can be a bit much for some seniors with mobility problems, but Tai Chi is another mind-body practice that is perfect for older adults. What’s great about Tai Chi is that you can do it anywhere, outside or inside.

It’s an ancient Chinese practice that involves slow movements, meditation, and deep breathing. You can learn more about it and how to get started here.

5. Gardening

Starting a garden is a great way for seniors to get outside, connect with nature, and do something relaxing and meditative. If you’ve got a backyard, the sky’s the limit on how many flowers or vegetables you can plant.

That said, even an apartment balcony is enough to get a few pots started. Few things are more gratifying than growing a beautiful plant from seed.

Try New Outdoor Activities in 2024

These are a few ideas for outdoor activities to try in 2024. Being a senior often causes you to slow down physically, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside for some exercise and mindfulness. Any of these activities will bring you health and joy in the new year.

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