5 Red Flags to Look For When Hiring a Lawyer

There are approximately 1.3 million attorneys in the United States.

Out of that number, only a small fraction are qualified to handle your case. Even then, there is no guarantee they will do their best for you. It’s important to look out for red flags when hiring an attorney.

Are you looking for an accident claim lawyer,  insurance lawyer and long term disability lawyers. No matter what type of lawyer you are looking for! The hiring process for a lawyer is an important and delicate decision. A red flag can indicate that the person you’re interviewing may not be the best fit for your needs, even if they seem like a perfect candidate on paper.

To help you figure out whether or not to hire someone, we’ve compiled this list of red flags that should raise some questions in your mind:


1. The Lawyer Is Frequently Unavailable

Being available for clients is the number one duty of an attorney. If your lawyer doesn’t make themselves readily accessible to you, chances are they won’t put much effort into your case either. Your legal representative should be working on building strong legal defense and giving you updates.

If this red flag sounds familiar, it may be time to find another individual who’s more willing to work with you as their client.

2. The Lawyer Talks About Themselves Constantly

It’s not uncommon for attorneys to engage in some self-promotion. However, if your lawyer can’t stop talking about themselves or how great they are, that red flag should be flying high and bright.

While it’s common for lawyers to try and boost their own ego a little bit, being too confident may indicate an overinflated ego. A large sense of entitlement is another red flag you don’t want from anyone representing you.

3. The Lawyer Is Condescending

You want a lawyer that can explain your case as clearly as possible. If they’re constantly trying to talk over you or belittle you, that’s a red flag.

For someone to be an effective legal representative, being condescending is the exact opposite of what would help their clientele. Someone who seems like they already think they know everything and isn’t willing to listen will likely make poor choices on your behalf. Their lack of willingness to hear out other opinions could cause more problems.

4. A Bad Lawyer Shows Signs of Being Disorganized

Attorneys should be able to show you a strong game plan for your case. If they can’t do that, red flags may start flying everywhere. Since lawyers are responsible for knowing the law inside and out, any misstep could cause big problems in court or even lead to outright dismissal.

If this red flag sounds familiar, it’s time to find someone more prepared to handle your case rather than sticking with one floundering around with no real direction ahead of them.

5. The Lawyer Is Shady on Their Fees

When hiring an attorney, the first thing they should do is give you a quote for your case.

If your lawyer seems reluctant to state upfront what their fees are, that’s a red flag. A good lawyer will tell you exactly how much money they need from you before signing any contracts. They shouldn’t make excuses about why this information isn’t available yet.

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Watch Out for These Red Flags When Hiring a Lawyer

Red flags are early warning signs that something is wrong. Whether it’s a lack of professionalism or an unacceptable level of commitment, red flags should be taken seriously when hiring someone to represent your interests in court.

We hope this list helps you determine whether the person you’re interviewing for your case has what it takes to get the job done right. For more interesting topics, check out our blog.

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