6 Best Protein Powder for Men in India: 2022 Edition

Health and fitness have incessantly evolved among people of all age groups. Exercising, eating sugar-free food, lifting heavyweights in the gym and practising yoga postures can suffice your fitness needs, however, there is more attached to it. Taking nutritional supplements can help in a great way. Nutritional or protein supplements is a crucial macronutrient that helps in the following way:

  1. Muscle growth and development
  2. Repair and maintenance of tissues
  3. Upkeep chemical enzymes and biological hormones
  4. Weight gain or loss
  5. Bone density
  6. Muscle growth and development.

The protein supplement is vegan, low in carbs and loaded with essential nutrients which facilitate attaining a fit and toned body. There are different variants of protein supplements available for men in the market. Some are dairy-based while some are vegan i.e. plant-based protein supplements. Find an assemblage of plant protein powder for men online. This article covers the top 6 protein supplements for men in India in the latest the year of 2022.

Protein supplement acts as an aid in building a fit lifestyle.

Finest Protein Powder For Men: Supplements Supporting Healthy Lifestyle

1.   VEGAIN Plant Protein Powder by Manmatters

The gluten-free and cent per cent vegan protein powder for men is formulated with a combination of 4 Plant-Based Proteins. These include a blend of moong bean, pea, whole algae and brown rice, the essentials to develop strong muscle health. Moreover, the powder contains a wholesome ratio of 28 Vitamins and Minerals which amount to strengthening and increasing bone density. VEGAIN is composed of 9 Amino Acids i.e, BCAAs and EAAs and the richness of Ashwagandha. The herbal ingredient helps to escalate energy levels and is easily absorbed by the body.

2.   ISO Sensation 93 – 5 lbs by Ultimate Nutrition

The ISO sensation protein powder is available in two amazing flavours: Chocolate Fudge and Cafe Brazil. The protein supplement helps to upkeep the insulin metabolism which in turn develops muscle growth. The nutritious potion is enriched with 4-hydroxy isoleucine, alpha-lipoic acid and d-pinitol which contributes to developing insulin sensitivity. Adding to it the list of benefits, a routine intake of ISO complex can serve to be propitious in the recovery of muscles keeping in mind less sugar intake. This whey protein is ideal to suffice the nutritional requirement of a rigorous training and fitness regime.

3.   Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate by Optimum Nutrition

The chocolate bliss whey isolate by Optimum Nutrition has emerged as the people’s choice is the best selling sports protein powder in the world. The isolate contains 25 grams of Hydrolyzed & filtered whey protein helpful for increasing muscle density, growth and agility. The vegan protein complex includes an adequate proportion of EAAs (11.4 grams), natural BCAA (5.5 grams) and Glutamine and Glutamic Acid (4.4 grams). The high-quality whey complex has been tried, tested and adopted by athletes for 35 years.

4.   NitroTech Performance Series Whey Protein by MuscleTech

The protein powder is rich in Whey Protein and Protein Peptides, which helps in building lean muscles. The Nitro-Tech is developed through a double filtration procedure which is soluble in water and absorbed by the body. With a subtle gourmet touch, the whey protein mix is available in five different flavours. To back the protein content, the powder also comprises 3 grams of creatine to level up your muscle strength and revive energy to push harder every day. The protein complex also includes 5 grams of glutamine and 6.8 grams of BCAA to help you boost your energy and eradicate lethargy.

5.   Biozyme Whey Protein Powder by MuscleBlaze

The Biozyme protein complex by Muscle Blaze has gone through a rigorous line of clinical testing to ensure quality and taste. The powder is free from contaminants and amino elements. With an EAF (Enhanced Absorption Formula), 50% filtered protein and the 60% advanced BCAA gets quickly absorbed. Since this protein powder for men absorbs easily, it is easier for digestion, while also working effectively for muscle development. It is available in sumptuous flavours Cafe Mocha, Rich Milk Chocolate, Magical Mango and Ice Cream Chocolate. Every 33-gram serving (scoop) of whey protein isolate comprises 5.51g BCAA, 25g protein and 11.75g EAA.

6.   Low Carb 100% Whey Isolate Protein Powder by Isopure

The low carb protein isolate by Isopure is one of the best vegan protein powders for men in the market. The premium quality and highly tested protein isolate come with no sugar, Aspartame, Gluten and Lactose, keeping it balanced for a healthier absorption. It contains protein (25 grams) and the naturally procured BCAAs (5 grams). This supplement backs muscle building and recovery by quenching the daily protein needs after tough fitness training. Interestingly, every Isopure whey protein pack arrives with a verification sticker for quality assurance which will help you verify the product and thereafter consume it.

The Bottom Line

Exercising and following a routine balanced diet is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. However, there’s always a backing that needs to be streamlined with the fitness goals, strategically. Protein powder for men provides the extra tweak of fitness to your regime and meets the requirements for muscle buildup, bone density and weight management.

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