6 Wise Investments to Consider Before You Turn 30

It is said that money stagnant in your account is wasted if it is not invested. Investing money should be done keeping in mind your financial goals. If you wish to block money for the future and you are not interested in quick profits, then the investment should be done accordingly. The amount invested can vary depending on your budget allocation, whether you want it to be staggered or paid as a lump sum.

Let us take a look at some ways you can invest to ensure you benefit the most.

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Investments that can be made to safeguard your finances

1. Invest in SIPs with a long-term perspective – Systematic Investment Plan is a way offered by Mutual Funds to invest periodically instead of investing in one go. Once you have invested in SIP there is a lock-in period of 3 years. This is a good option for those with limited knowledge of the market as the funds get invested with minimum risk and the volatility of the market does not affect the investment adversely.

 2. Create an emergency fund – Creating an emergency fund for the times you need immediate cash is important. If you have invested in plans that have a lock-in period then you may be left without any help in the time of crisis. You can create this fund by keeping a separate savings bank account.

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3. Invest in property – With the cost of real estate skyrocketing, buying a house is like investing in a long-term asset. This investment, well-guided by a trusted real estate agency like rickyestera.com, is guaranteed to give you the best returns. Even if the real estate costs do not go up, you will still have a place to call your own.

A part of every person’s bucket, buying a house is a costly affair. One of the ways to ensure you can afford to buy a house is by taking a loan from the bank. The monthly EMI can be promptly calculated using the home loan EMI calculator. It depends on the duration and the rate of interest charged on the principal amount. This calculator will give you a fair idea and you can do your financial planning accurately.

4. Invest in stocks – Investing in stocks is one of the ways to make a quick profit. This is an investment that can be liquidated quickly in case of an emergency. There are 2 types of trading – Intraday trading and long-term trading. Intraday trading refers to buying and selling stocks on the same day to make a profit. This is done by experienced people as you should be aware of the trends of the stock market. Long-term trading is generally buying stocks and keeping them for as long as you think is appropriate. You can sell these whenever you feel it is the right time.

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5. Invest in good insurance policies – There are a few insurances that you can purchase for better investment options. They are:

a. Life insurance – A life insurance is an investment that allows the family of the insured to collect payout on behalf of him/her in case of unforeseen situations for the insured. If the tenure of the life insurance is over, then an amount is paid to the insured irrespective. You can increase the cover of life insurance at the time of marriage, birth, and when parents become dependents.

b. Health Insurance – One of the most important investments that has proven itself useful in the recent past is health insurance. Health insurance is a coverage that offers protection in case of medical emergencies to you and your family as well. Unforeseen instances may strain you financially and good healthcare may become inaccessible due to lack of funds.

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C. Term insurance – Term insurance is a type of life insurance, except the insurer pays the nominees only in case of his/her demise. If the death occurs after the tenure has ended then the nominees cannot claim any financial compensation. One of the advantages of term insurance is the lower premium as compared to life insurance. 

6. Spread your investments across multiple instruments – The market for returns is always volatile whether it is the rate of interest on fixed deposits or stocks. The gains from each investment can vary and that is why it is advisable to invest in various streams at one go. You can invest in a Public Provident Fund as the rate of interest is higher but the lock-in period is 15 years. Various investment opportunities offer various advantages and the risk varies as well. It is better to gauge the returns and spread your finances rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.

There are newer investment trends gaining popularity every day. It is best to review the performance (at least 6 months to a year) and risks of each investment before investing.

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