8 Top Sneaker Trends For Men That Are Blowing Up Right Now

Who says footwear fashion should be limited to women? Men are getting in on the shoe craze more than ever, and even the seemingly humble sneakers for men are being reimagined in new and unique styles. If you’ve been wondering how to bring your footwear up to trend, here are some of the most popular sneaker trends for men that you should be aware of.

  1. Minimalist Sneakers

Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Minimalism is in right now, and this extends to sneakers for men.

These sneakers are simple, fuss-free, and will likely be your most versatile buy of the year. They can work with everything from casual clothes to workwear. Higher-end minimalist sneaker brands offer leather and patent leather sneakers, allowing you to add a luxe feel to your workwear and tailored wear. 

Minimalist sneakers are inspired by the classic tennis sneaker silhouette, without additional details – instead, brands focus on providing you with shoes made of the best materials possible.

  1. Classics 

Brands are returning to tried and tested sneakers for men – they’re reusing old favourite silhouettes and relaunching lines that have staying power. 

This includes classic colourways and fabrics, with converse sneakers making a comeback. People crave nostalgia, and by bringing classics back, brands are giving them exactly that.

Additionally, brands are also capitalizing on well-known silhouettes by rethinking them for a modern audience. This includes everything from changing the colour scheme and materials to giving them a twist by lace-free.

  1. Performance and Tech Runners

There’s a burgeoning demand for reinvented products, which extends to men’s sneakers. Fitness tech is revolutionizing the world of sneaker technology, with brands racing to offer customers something new at every turn. 

Some popular innovations include self-lacing shoes, improved outsoles to boost athlete performance, and inbuilt sensors that are compatible with smartphone apps and allow you to track key metrics. 

Tracked metrics include gait analysis, impact rate, pace, landing zone, distance, speed, calories, fatigue, posture, cadence, number of steps, and contact time. Some wearable tech even tracks how long you sleep.

Keeping track of this data doesn’t just help you boost your athletic performance; you can also use it as a reference to improve your health. 

Smaller but just as important innovations include improving the fabrics used to make sneakers and using ripstop, waterproof materials. As brands continue to push teched-out sneakers on the market, there’s no sign that demand will stop soon.

  1. Platform Sneakers for Men

Platform sneakers are what they sound like – sneakers with an extra thick outsole. Depending on the brand and model, they can give you anywhere from an additional 3-10 cm of height. 

These shoes are a good way to stand out without experimenting with bold colours and patterns. If you want all eyes to go to your sneakers, but aren’t feeling particularly playful with design, platform sneakers for men are the way to go. They’re also a good way to give yourself a slight boost in height – after all, why should women get to have all the fun with high heels?

  1. Suede Sneakers

For something that gives you a fashionable look without being too “in-your-face,” suede is the perfect option. This fabric adds visual interest and style to your outfit while being subtle enough that you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. 

Suede sneakers are most popular in traditional neutral and earth-toned colours. This includes shades like black, brown, olive, and navy. If you’re hoping to wear something a little more unique, you’ll also be able to find shades like light olive, forest green, burnt orange, and light blue – allowing you to keep things subtle and classy without making you look like a conformist.

These sneakers for men are particularly popular in slip-on styles. Suede is a comfortable material by itself, and when laces are removed, the comfort factor of the footwear ticks higher. Additionally, the laces will no longer take away from the design of your shoes and allow you to benefit from a slightly more upscale look than the one offered by laced sneakers.

  1. Skater Shoes

Like classic silhouettes, the return of the skater sneakers also harkens back to a design for nostalgia. The best skater shoes are made of suede, bringing another popular trend to your footwear, and are designed to take impact well.

They also feature toe caps, shock-absorbent soles, and heel support. If laces are present, they are situated out of grip range to reduce the tripping risk. 

As brands relaunch skater shoe collections, they’re also launching the designs that made these popular in the first place. At the same time, they also offer remastered versions of classics, as well as completely new designs. Whether you’re looking to get back on your skateboard after it has spent years gathering dust in the garage or looking to pick up a new activity, these trending skating sneakers for men will help with all your needs.

  1. Collaborations

Millennials and Gen Z love nothing more than getting two things for the price of one – and that’s what collaborative sneaker designs offer them. 

Sports brands are, more than ever, collaborating with other creatives. This includes high-street fashion brands, museums, athletes, influencers, musicians, and more. Collaborations allow consumers to celebrate what they love about their favourite celebrity in a sneaker that offers them the functionality, quality, and comfort of their favourite sports brand.

  1. Gorpcore

Gorpcore is a new fashion trend that sees outdoor wear becoming chic, trendy looks. Functionally, this has transformed gear like hunting vests into must-have fashion accessories. 

When it comes to sneakers, gorpcore shows itself in the popularity of earth tones, bungee cord details, and rubber outsoles. Additionally, it has led to the renewed popularity of the hiking shoe silhouette for numerous non-hiking occasions.

Fashion for men isn’t just limited to the clothes you wear – sneakers have their own trends, and these trending sneakers will help you stand out no matter where you are. Whether you are slipping in comfortable suede sneakers or walking the streets in classic silhouettes, you’re sure to end up the main topic of conversation among your friends.

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