A Fashionista’s Guide to Unique Types of Women’s Shoes

Collecting shoes from around the world is essential if you want to look your best regardless of the occasion or setting. The average woman in the United States owns 19 pairs of shoes, and versatility opens several doors for outfits you can combine with the various shoe styles. From sneakers to heels, it’s always best to own several types of women’s shoes for comfort and style.

Starting your collection of shoe styles is challenging, especially if you don’t know your preferences or options. Wearing shoes is your chance to show off your fashionista side while walking and standing comfortably.

Luckily for your feet, you’ve unearthed this useful guide to the types of shoes for women to consider when you upgrade your wardrobe. Continue reading to discover the best shoe styles for your desired aesthetic today!

Lace-Up Sneakers

Lace-up sneakers are a classic option to add to your closet for casual days and comfortable clothing. They’re the most common types of shoes you’ll find in stores nationwide, offering significant comfort. Classic white lace-up sneakers are popular and versatile, making them an excellent addition to your growing wardrobe.

Keds, Nike, Vans, and Converse are all quality choices if you’re set on adding these shoes for women to your closet. The comfort makes them perfect for women who dislike wearing shoes due to comfort.

Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are another viable option if you want the comfort of lace-up sneakers with increased convenience. You’ll never need to tie a pair of shoes again when you slip your slip-on sneakers onto your feet. You can get up and go immediately, making them the perfect type of women’s shoes for a busy lifestyle.

Keds holds a substantial segment of the slip-on sneaker market. These shoe styles provide an athletic feel with less work to get ready. You’ll want to add at least one pair of slip-ons to your closet when upgrading your shoe game, and TodoCart is an excellent spot to do your shopping.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are similar to lace-up sneakers but provide increased comfort, support, and appearance. Running shoes are designed to absorb the shock from each stride while running on a hard surface. The added cushion makes them a comfortable option if you dread wearing shoes.

They’re also lightweight, taking stress and pressure off your joints. If you want to add running shoes to your closet, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are top choices. You’ll feel like you’re not wearing shoes when you invest in running shoes for your new aesthetic.

There are several styles to choose from, and you can get creative with the colorways you choose to match your favorite outfits. Look for running shoes that complement your lifestyle and add to your appearance. Adding trail running shoes is perfect if you enjoy hiking, trail running, and exploring the outdoors.

Slide Sandals

Slide sandals are another convenient and comfortable option if you’re buying shoes from around the world. They’re the definition of casual footwear for women and blend style with the comfort of not wearing shoes. The Romans invented this sandal style, and the legacy lives on through several successful brands.

Leather slide sandals provide a luxurious look with top-notch comfort. You’ll find several attractive slide sandal options from companies like Birkenstock. Plenty of athletic slides from companies like Nike, Adidas, and Yeezy exist.

Ballerina Flats

If you’re looking for the style and substance of heels without sacrificing comfort, take a long look at ballerina flats for your feet. Classic styles offer some flair with a bow in the front, and the low heel takes stress off your feet when standing for extended periods.

Many women add a pair or two of ballerina flats to their closets. The popularity of these types of women’s shoes can trace back to Brigitte Bardot and her love for ballerina flat shoes. Find a color and style that suits your preferences, and add these flats out here for women to your wardrobe.

Slingback Shoes

Slingback shoes bring a raised heel to the picture, featuring a characteristic strap across the top of the foot. They’re different from ankle strap shoes due to the location of the strap. The wrap doesn’t come around the ankle but focuses on the rear portion for added support.

Chanel is famous for its slingback shoes, and many women covet the Chanel 2-tone slingback shoes. Many brands and designers have attempted to copy that style. If you enjoy wearing heels, add some slingbacks to your shoe closet.

Ankle Boots

Boots are another popular form of footwear for women, and you’ll find several heights to meet your style and comfort needs. Ankle boots are the lowest boot option when shopping for new footwear. The original ankle boots used materials like satin and silk, but modern manufacturers prefer leather for added durability.

Look for vibrant colors when shopping for ankle boots. It’s an excellent way to stand out from others when wearing your favorite types of women’s shoes. Chelsea boots from brands like Blundstone are stylish and versatile for all seasons.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a difference-maker when upgrading your footwear and want to stand out for the best reasons. No shoe shouts “America” out loud like cowboy boots. They’re made of leather and feature stunning designs, allowing you to show off your personality.

The most popular version of cowboy boots is the Western version. It features an angled heel design and pairs well with a sundress for fun summer nights with friends. Adding cowboy boots to your wardrobe is an excellent way to expand your aesthetic.

Buy the Best Types of Women’s Shoes Today

Shopping for women’s shoes is challenging, but narrowing your options and finding your favorite shoes worldwide will help you develop a unique and beautiful style. Lace-up and slip-on sneakers provide comfort and convenience, while running shoes offer fun colorways and less stress on your legs. Chelsea boots, heels, and slip-on sandals are also essential types of shoes to own.

Are you ready to start upgrading your wardrobe? Explore more of our fashion and beauty blog content for tips and tricks to build your dream aesthetic one piece at a time!

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