A Guide to Hats Shopping for Larger Head Size

Hats have shielded the human scalp and face from adverse weather conditions like the sun’s heat or chilly temperatures since the dawn of humans. Hats have become aesthetic statements, symbols, and occasionally even necessities. Unfortunately, finding the ideal hat in a sea of different styles, forms, and materials might be challenging, especially if you have a large head. 

Have you ever donned a hat and immediately thought, “This item is overly small?” Occasionally, some hats just don’t fit despite modifications. It means you haven’t located your profile. A hat should suit your facial features, character, head size, and body type when you purchase one. 

Overall, hats have many uses. However, you can only maximize these uses if you choose the suitable sort. This article contains a few things to consider before shopping for a hat.

Consider Your Face Shape

It’s crucial to consider your facial features when selecting hats. Different hat styles go well with various face forms. 

An oval face is the most suitable one for hats. Every hat type suits this facial form. Hats featuring narrow brims and elevated crowns are the best option if you’re buying hats for a triangular face. Furthermore, a hat with certain decorative elements on one side will produce an asymmetrical look. It will make a triangular face appear softer.

The optimal hat for a square face is one with a circular crown. Diamond faces are similar to oval faces. They look great wearing almost any kind of hat. For faces with a heart shape, bucket hats and caps with short brims work well. You might choose baseball caps or berets to draw attention to your foreheads if you desire to do so. 

Consider Your Head Shape and Size

You must have seen people wearing hats and looking stunning many times. However, once you try to wear one, it often looks weird. That is because not all hat styles fit all heads. Therefore, before you start looking for your next go-to hat item, pause and consider what complements the size and shape of your head.

Otherwise, you’ll waste more time testing new models than shopping for a new piece. Conduct a little study to determine which style is best for your head size and shape, then visit a store for that specific model. Determining your head size is your best bet when choosing a big hat that fits. Doing so will help you get the hat’s dimensions suitable for your large head.

Consider the Color

You can also choose the perfect hat by considering the colors that enhance your complexion. It is best to wear something that complements the color of your eyes, skin, and hair to avoid seeming odd. The headgear you buy must reveal your best facial traits. 

You should also consider the setting in which you want to wear your headpiece. Ensure that your color choices for an event you’re attending, like a wedding, fit the theme. Ensure you have the appropriate clothing in your closet when evaluating the hats to buy.

Consider the Hat Materials


Hats come in various styles and materials. Common materials for hats include straws, cotton, wool, and polyester. You must be conscious of the material when buying your hats. You can then decide whether the hat’s fabric is washable, durable, or suitable for personalization. 

Reliability saves you money in the long run. Washable hats are simple to keep clean without needing a particular detergent and may dry quickly. When purchasing bespoke headwear, you should search for a material best suited for personalization.

If you have a large head, hats made of adaptable fabrics will be considerably more comfortable. Pick ones made of wool, cotton, or straw whenever possible. Material mixtures can also be quite adaptable. Check out every fabric that hats may be made of and choose the one that suits you the best.

You can locate stylish and adaptable hats in various materials. 

Try on Many Hats

If possible, you should try testing the hats before purchasing them. Ensure that you’re pleased with how it appears on you and that it accommodates your head comfortably. You should always know whether a hat will fit you well before you get it.

If you’re shopping for hats online, you can’t try them on. You must know the hat’s dimensions as precisely as possible. It would also be wise to check if the company accepts returns for hats that don’t fit. You’ll know better what size will accommodate your head best for a replacement if it’s too snug or loose whenever you get it.

Additionally, after you have your new cap, you should practice styling it in front of a mirror. You can don a hat in several ways.

You may position the brim on your head in various ways that offer different appearances. If you want a beautiful, asymmetrical design, try tilting it. It gives your clothing additional flair.

Consider the Weather

When looking for new headwear, you also need to consider the weather. While some hats will be perfect for chilly, wet, and snowy days, others are solely suitable for the summer. Before you go out and make your desired purchase, you must be conscious of the season. 

If not, you’ll be the guy dripping sweat down his forehead and into his eyes while donning a woolen trilby in the hottest part of the summer. You wouldn’t desire such an occurrence.

Buying the Right Hat for Your Head Size


Given the many alternatives on the market, selecting the best headgear might be intimidating. To ensure that you acquire an excellent item that meets your demands, you must clarify the function of the headwear and reduce your options. 

It’s critical to be conscious of other factors like size, color, and design to make an informed choice. Ensure that the shades of the hat you select complement the various styles of clothing you have in your closet. More crucially, to find the best hat, you must have a realistic spending plan and comparison shop. Now is the time to get the ideal hat for your style and head size.

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