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A Guide to the Most Unique Wedding Venues From Vineyards to Treehouses

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s life, but that doesn’t mean it has to fit a cookie-cutter wedding mold. With over two million people getting married last year alone, you’ll want your wedding to stand out. The best way to do that is through your wedding venue.

Choosing unique wedding venues provides a memorable experience for your guests. It allows you to create a wedding that reflects your and your loved one’s style. Let’s look at the most unique wedding venues so you can choose one that is perfect for you.

Funky Local Brewery Venue

Nothing says casual cool like having a wedding at a brewery. Small wedding venues, like what you’d find at a brewery, are a great option for couples who want a more intimate look and feel for their wedding. Your guests will get to enjoy craft beer as well as have an interesting place to look at.

Whimsical Botanical Garden Venue

An outdoor wedding venue, like a botanical garden, will give your guests a whimsical wedding experience. Another option with the same sort of feel is a greenhouse. You will be protected from the elements while still enjoying flowers and greenery.

Nostalgic Summer Camp Venue

Affordable destination weddings don’t have to be in tropical locations! Bring back the nostalgia by adding s’more roasting, swimming, and camping. Your guests will love feeling like they are kids again at a campground celebration!

Since you’ll mostly be outside, make sure to have a backup plan in case the weather gets rough. You may also want to see if your guests can rent out cabins to really give them the full summer camp experience.

Artsy Museum Venue

Choose a museum that features displays you both love for a wedding venue option that reflects your relationship. The striking architecture and beautifully curated galleries mean less decorating on your part. Your guests will love mingling and looking at the displays as they celebrate your love.

Charming Historic Venue

Whether you are marrying a history buff or not, you’ll love the character and charm that historic venues bring. Mansions, castles, and estates can give your wedding backdrop that your guests won’t soon forget.

Many historic venues have certain rules you’ll need to follow to preserve the location. Check into the rules on availability, the number of guests you can have in their event hall, and what you are allowed to bring in as decor.

Active Sports Facility Venue

If you and your future spouse love to be on the move, consider having your wedding at a sports venue. Rent out a bowling alley or find a sports arena during an off-season. You can get the energy up by incorporating the game into your reception.

Unique Wedding Venues: Going Beyond Tradition

Breaking the mold and having your wedding at an unexpected place will elevate your guests’ experience. Unique wedding venues allow you and your love to prioritize your personal style while setting the stage for a wedding your guests will not soon forget.

Choosing a wedding venue and planning a wedding can be a long and exhausting experience. Once you’re done, you’ll be ready for a vacation. Check out our articles on travel for your trip planning so you can get to your next destination in no time.

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