A Step By Step Guide to Wash and Iron Embroidered Apparel

Are you scared of ruining the intricate embroidery work by washing and ironing the embroidered clothes and accessories? If so, then you are at the right place. At Hello Laundry, we wash and iron embroidery clothes at the most reasonable rates. Not only do we provide the service of washing and ironing embroidered clothes, but we also make sure that the embroidery remains intact in quality and beauty through each stage of the washing and ironing process. Needless to say, the preservation of the embroidery throughout the rigorous washing and ironing process is difficult. However, if you are still insistent about washing and ironing embroidered clothes and accessories at home then read out to gain insightful information about the whole process. 

How to wash and iron embroidery clothes and accessories?

The embroidery on clothes, home décor items, and accessories feature elaborate and intricate stitch work of thread on fabric that may be wool, cotton, synthetic, silk, and linen. The embroidery threads are usually of acrylic, silk, metallic, cotton, or wool. Rough handling of embroidered clothes during washing and ironing may result in loosening of the threads thereby ruining the embroidery work. It is therefore recommended to everyone to exercise extra caution while cleaning embroidered apparel and accessories. Follow the guide elucidated below to wash and iron your embroidery clothes:

  1. Assess the colorfastness of the embroidery threads

Check the labels that come with the clothes to note down the care and cleaning instructions. Proceed to check the colorfastness of the embroidery threads and fibers in order to prevent color bleeding at the rinsing stage. The colorfastness test is quite simple. Dip a cotton swab in water and glide the wet cotton swab gently along each thread of different colors. If you notice any color transfer then do not wash the embroidered clothes as washing would lead to discoloration. Dry clean the embroidered clothes instead or appoint one of us at Hello Laundry for efficient dry cleaning services. However, if the embroidered clothes clear the colorfastness test that is if there is no color bleeding then you may proceed to wash and iron the embroidery clothes.

  1. Vacuum and dry clean the embroidered clothes at home

If the embroidery looks dull and dirty then it is crucial to vacuum clean the embroidered clothes prior to washing. For vacuuming the embroidered clothes, one needs a vacuum pipe and a nylon stocking or mesh. Cover the end of the vacuum pipe with the nylon stocking and slowly vacuum across the embroidery work inside out. Proceed to dry clean the clothes in order to remove the dirt and foul odors, if any, that remains after vacuuming the embroidered clothes and accessories. However, if the embroidery work is too heavy or intricate or if the fabric upon which the embroidery work has been done is too delicate or vintage, then it would be ideal to get it dry cleaned by professionals. 

  1. Hand-wash the embroidered clothes

If there are stains on the embroidered clothes then it would be prudent to rinse the clothes by hand after the colorfastness test. Preheat the stains and then use a stain-remover to make the visible stains disappear. Let the embroidered clothes soak in the stain-remover for a few hours for the proper removal of the stains. For hand-washing the clothes, fill the laundry basin with cool water, preferably distilled. Use a mild detergent and wash the embroidered clothes gently for a few minutes. Do not wring the clothes after washing. Hang the hand-washed embroidered clothes out in the sun to dry naturally. 

  1. Dry and press the embroidered clothes

Press the embroidered clothes gently after hand-washing to get rid of the excess water. Now place the damp clothes on a dry towel laid out on a flat surface and wait for the dampness to fade away. If you need to press the clothes then place a fluffy cotton towel on top of the embroidered clothes and then use the iron to make sure that the embroidery work remains intact. Pressing the embroidery clothes indirectly with an iron ensures that there is no breakage or melting of the embroidery threads. Ironing embroidered clothes also lends a shine to the embroidery work and makes the clothes and accessories look as good as new. 

  1. Dye stains

If there is any accidental color bleeding at the washing stage then the dye stains can be removed by using mild stain-remover chemicals. However, it is an arduous process and you may require professional help for the elimination of dye stains. 


Now that you have a fundamental idea about washing and ironing service for your embroidered clothes and accessories, it is time to get down to business. Spring-clean your embroidered clothes, pillow cases, sofa covers, wall hangings, and room furnishings today by adhering with the step-by-step guide to wash and iron embroidery clothes. Take extra care with the embroidery work if you wash and iron at home. Better yet, hire professional help for ironing and washing embroidered apparel and accessories available only at Hello Laundry.

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