Add Some Pep to Your Step: The Different Types of Breast Lifts, Explained

As we age, it may get harder to lug around those 40-something-pound accessories known as “boobs.” For those wishing to regain their perky look, breast lifts are a way to tighten and help reduce the sagging that comes with age and pregnancy.

Breast lifts also can be used after a mastectomy. In fact, it’s common to have a breast lift done as an outpatient surgery. It’s also performed on women who have long suffered from breast sag.

Different types of breast lifts can help you achieve a perkier new look. Read on to learn more about the options and when to consider a breast lift.

The Crescent Lift

This technique is designed to give the breast a youthful and natural-looking appearance. It is a low-cost, minimally invasive procedure with a short recovery time. It also offers a moderate lift, helping to reshape and firm the breast tissue.

The crescent incision is made at the junction of the upper and lower halves of the areola, giving the surgeon more control over the amount of lift created. This allows for more precision when sculpting the breast shape and size. The incision is so small that it is almost invisible after completion.

This technique may also benefit those who want to reshape their breasts with a lift. After the surgery, the patient will experience an enhanced breast shape, improved breast size, and an improved cup size.

The Lollipop Lift

The Lollipop Lift is an innovative lift that improves the shape, symmetry, and overall appearance of the breast. This combines an anchor-shaped incision, liposuction, and a collar around the nipple-areola complex to provide a better shape, higher positioning, and overall aesthetic.

The main advantage of Lollipop Lift is that it prevents excessive scarring while also restoring lost volume. Another benefit is that the collar around the areola provides additional support and a more natural projection.

The Anchor Lift

This procedure is the most invasive type of breast lift and usually requires a greater degree of recovery than other types. During the Anchor Lift, longer incisions are made to remove excess skin and reposition the nipples.

After the procedure, stitches are used to keep the skin together, while internal sutures are used to provide new shape and support along with firmer uplifting. With this type of procedure, individuals can expect more significant changes and more fullness at the top of the breast.

The Donut Lift

The Donut Lift is one of the most common types of breast lifts, and it’s a fantastic choice for anyone who would like to add some pep to their step. It is a minimally invasive surgery that reshapes the patient’s breast tissue and gives them a natural, lifted look.

An incision is made around the areola, and small, circular pockets are created around the areola and breast tissue, resembling a donut shape. Sutures are then used to secure the tissue in place.

By providing a subtle lift, the donut lift is ideal for those seeking a slight boost in cleavage without an overly-enhanced look. The plastic surgeon, Dr. Egrari, provides a reliable service worth considering.

Types of Breast Lifts To Consider

With its transformative power, a breast lift can provide a refreshing new look to your chest area. Ultimately, the success of your breast lift will depend on the types of breast lifts and the experienced surgeon that you choose.

Don’t let the number of options overwhelm you; reach out to an experienced aesthetic professional today to discuss your specific needs and which procedure will work best for you.

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