Are DJing and Music Production Good Career Options? Read to Know

Finding the right career option can at times seem daunting. With a plethora of options in the market, the usual focus is on getting a stable income, a good environment and a healthy growth prospect. That being said, there are certain professions that are often ignored despite offering a promising waypoint. In this article, we focus on two such career verticals – Djing and Music Production as career options in the Indian market. Let’s dive in.

DJing as a Career

One of the foremost benefits of opting for DJing as a career is that you can work as an employee as well as an entrepreneur. Here are a few ways professional DJs can transform their passion into a career:

  • Events/Residency: A professional DJ can offer his/her service at a dance club, formal/informal events, or radio station.
  • Trainer: As entrepreneurs, professionally trained DJs with proven experience can open their own training facility or an artist management agency. 
  • Freelancer: Independent disc jockeys can create their own moniker and start marketing themselves to perform at events, music festivals, and more.

Music Production as a Career

Music and sound enthusiasts can take their game forward with Music Production. India has become a potential landmine for artists across different genres, Music Production is a career vertical that can be considered by teenagers and adults alike. Here are some of the avenues that open up for professional Music Producers:

  • Collaborators: Electronic Music Producers can collaborate with singers and songwriters to take the role of a music director
  • Technical Prowess: Mixing and mastering is an intricate process that is highly sought after in the global music industry. Honing your skills in mixing and or mastering can help you become a professional engineer who can render his/her service in the industry at an alluring price point
  • The Complete Package: One of the foremost benefits of opting for Music Production as a career is that you can become a complete package. Singers and songwriters can up their game and reduce the amount of dependency.  

The Right Direction

Similar to any other career, it is imperative to get the right direction to thrive in the competitive landscape. Music Production and DJing are ventures that are not short of competition and are driven by the passion to do and learn on a consistent basis.

While it may take a while to reach a level of perfection, the right training and exposure can help you stay ahead of the curve. Associating with a premier school is one of the best ways to move forward with confidence. The best DJing and Music Production schools in the country will understand your vision and customize their approach to yield the best results. They will have the right faculty and course structure that would be tweaked along the way to help you explore your creativity without sacrificing the crucial technicalities. Our recommendation would be to do your research before making the final call. You can swing through the online reviews to have a fair idea of the approach, environment, and culture that the school is fostering at their facility.

For The Record Music School is one of the foremost schools in the country that is made for the artists by the artists. Their unique approach to mentoring every student is only enhanced by their curriculum and open environment. Students at For the Record get access to unlimited studio sessions and the opportunity to be a part of a thriving community of artists.

So, find your perfect institution and embark on your journey to become a professional DJ and/or Music Producer today!

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