CasinoOnlineCA Team on the Allure of Ocean-Themed Slot Games

The majority of our planet is covered in water. Our organisms contain mostly water as well. The ocean radiates with a sense of primordial mystery, a mythological abyss of horror and wonder. It is gorgeous and frightening at the same time, evoking the complex experience of being alive. It echoes our species’ past, harkens to the unseen future, and encapsulates the ever-changing present. Maritime times rule over many fields, from interior design and clothing to slot machine games. 

In this article, follow our team from the CasinoOnlineCA website to the depths of the world seas. Unravel all the allure behind ocean-themed slot games. Learn what makes them attractive and how you, too, can find a favourite among them. Join us as we explore online casinos for real money, where you can access the many maritime slot machine options.

What Makes the Maritime Themes So Popular

We are all acquainted with the allure of the sea. Many poems, songs, novels, movies, and works of art include a maritime motif. The symbolism of the sea can be found in myths, legends, and fairy tales. But what are the actual reasons we are so drawn to the big water? Let’s dive in and answer that question.

The Colours of Emotions

Colours affect human moods and emotions. The shades associated with water, like various variants of blue and green, are soothing, calming, and relaxing factors. In other words, the colours of the sea, accompanied by the humming sound of waves, help us focus, relax and enjoy. 

This is why many interiors and websites, including some online casinos, love the combination of maritime shades. These combinations are also great for the strategic thinkers among us. They help players focus, calculate, and make better strategic moves while gambling. 

Unlike the warm shades that speak to the bold, impulsive instincts within us, the cold colours appeal to the mind. Both categories can be helpful in gambling and are heavily utilized in different ways by different casino brands.

The Call of Mystery

Plain and simple, the sea is mysterious, and people are drawn to mysteries. Things that intrigue us are more likely to stand out and attract our attention. Maritime motifs lure us to explore something, and that is a good strategy for any website that wants to distinguish itself. Very few of us can ignore the song of the siren.


If you are at least somewhat familiar with the realm of online gambling, you will be no stranger to the pirate ship or treasure themes. It’s a cool choice in multiple ways. First, a treasure is associated with wealth. A pirate ship is a link to both adventure and gambling because pirates win their prizes rather than earn them. 

Contrasting Concepts

Whether it is a contrast of colours or concepts we relate to the sea, like beauty but also fear, contrasting elements make things stand out. People are more likely to respond to things that include contrasts. 


Most of us think of the seaside when we think of vacation. People love to visit the nearest coast in their free time. We all cherish precious memories associated with the summer, holidays, the beach, and the sun. The holiday vibes relax people and cease their inner tension. In general, when we think of holidays, we instantly get into a good mood. A satisfied gambler is the ideal gambler. 

Speaking of vacations, are you interested in casino tourism? Are you looking for the best casino holiday destinations? If so, read this article for further info on the subject. It is never too early to start planning your next summer trip.

Best Ocean-Themed Slot Games

Slot machine games have developed a considerable reputation. The diversity of themes behind them is truly remarkable. Regardless of who you are and what you like, we guarantee you will find a slot machine with the perfect theme. Ready to return to summer? Let’s explore a list of some of the most prominent ocean-themed slot machine games out there, provided by our editor-in-chief with extensive experience in online gaming, James Segrest.

Maritime Maidens

This game was developed by Genesis Gaming. It is a 5-reel, 25-payline game with a mermaid theme. The design is magical and sexy, the colours gentle, and there are plenty of prizes waiting for you. 

Under the Sea

The colour and character design of Under the Sea is quirky and cartoonish. It has a youthful, adventurous vibe, with dramatic colours that stand out. It also includes 3D visuals. It is like an animated movie. If this sounds like something right up your alley, give this BetSoft games product a chance!

Dolphin Cash

Let Playtech game developers take you on an early vacation to an exotic, tropical destination in this fun, vibrant, watery game. The amazing game hides many rewards and offers a relaxing atmosphere. After all, who doesn’t like dolphins? 

Eye of the Kraken

All of you horror fans out there, now is your time. The sea is not just relaxing and beautiful. It can also scare the life out of you. If this is how you like it, there are slot machine games created for your taste as well. Eye of Kraken is a scary adventure whose style resembles something out of the pen of Jules Verne. This gem was brought to us by Play’n Go. 

Silent Run

What is more thrilling than a battle on the sea? In Silent Run, by NetEnt, you can experience a war amidst the waves. Get lost between enemy ships and blast some fire over the waves! Fans of war-themed games will love this one.


You have always wanted to experience the atmosphere of the ill-fated Titan but from the comfort of your home? Here’s your chance. This fun game is inspired by the popular movie and offers plenty of extra features for your enjoyment. Board the slot Titanic and win some serious money, but be careful not to sink!

Where to Play the Games

All of the renowned casinos include diverse titles in their game portfolio. Whichever is your casino of choice, we are confident you will find a themed slot machine game you will love. However, to help you a little, we’ve made a short list of the casinos where you can play some of the best ocean-themed slot machine games. Here they are.

  • Videoslots Casino
  • Casino Planet
  • Mansion Casino
  • William Hill Casino

Are you unsure where to start? We understand you. The online casino industry is overwhelming, and it is difficult to find the right casino, especially for a beginner. Maybe this article on the top online casinos in Canada can be your start. 


Here you have it. Everything, from the calming effect on our moods, a focusing benefit for our brains, to the evocation of the recently forgotten vacation vibe, a pirate treasure, an exciting maritime battle, monsters from below or quirky dolphins and beautiful mermaids. 

The ocean means so much to so many of us. It inspires the deepest emotions and creates the most enchanting settings. Therefore, it is only natural to assume that slot machine game developers will dedicate their time and energy to creating different types of sea-oriented backgrounds for their multiple titles. 

The players are drawn to the multifaceted nature of the ocean and the many subgenres that it can produce. Be it a game inspired by Lovecraftian cosmic terror of the eternal, dark sea, the elegant interior of the tragic belle epoque Titanic, the Little Mermaid, Atlantis or a quirky set of fishes, shells, and crabs, the sea is a muse that is never silent. And the gamblers can’t get enough of it. 

Have you already tried your favourite sea mood? Go ahead and jump in! However, keep in mind one can very well drown in the ocean. Take control and always gamble responsibly.

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