Comprehensive Guide of How to Drift in GTA 5

Sometimes, ruling the streets of Los Santos as its criminal kingpin is simply not enough. Sometimes, we get the calling to do so in style as well. And thanks to the new “The Chop Shop” content update, drifting suddenly became a big focus for GTA V players!

As with the rest of the worthwhile endeavors in GTA V and GTA Online, drifting is a rewarding category to chase. However, it requires some know-how before it becomes truly satisfying.

So, regardless of whether you’re using GTA modded accounts or not, drifting may remain an elusive craft. That’s where our comprehensive GTA V drifting guide comes in!

The Chop Shop Update

GTA V’s latest “The Chop Shop” update went live on December 12, 2023, across all platforms, and brought a slew of goodies like new characters and game modes. However, it also introduced the Drift Tune option, allowing players to tweak their rides and pull off donuts with ease.

That feature comes in a limited scope, though. As of yet, players can only turn eight cars into full-on drift cars:

  • Karin Futo GTX
  • Annis Euros
  • Karin Jester RR
  • Fathom FR36
  • Declasse Drift Tampa
  • Annis ZR350
  • Declasse Drift Yosemite
  • Annis Remus

Furthermore, there’s only one way in the entire game to get any of those drift cars – the LS Car Meet. Once there, you’ll have to spend 200,000 to unlock the Drift Tune upgrade on any of the aforementioned models. The price is the same for whichever car.

After Installing Drift Tune

Installing the Drift Tune modification has an immediate effect on gameplay. Your car will behave like in a well-produced music video or a new Fast & Furious movie. Merely driving it on the streets after leaving the garage will prompt it to turn on its axis, as if the two tires in the back collected all of the vehicle’s center of mass suddenly.

Pulling stunts with that tuning is fun and easy, but the “feel” of the drift car might irk some players after a while. In short, it’s reminiscent of constantly driving on an oily field. The car will, of course, become able to sway left and right with a wider steering arc, making the player feel in control when choosing a general direction.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that applying the Drift Tune modification disables all other car modifications present at the moment. Also, Drift Tune will turn the car into a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, which this game seems to use as a “conditio sine qua non” when it comes to drifting (which might not be the case in real life, but nevermind).

So, if you’ve invested a lot in a particular car, weigh your options carefully before deciding to turn it into a drift car.

Luckily, the Drift Tune modification can be reverted, for an additional price of 50,000. Selecting that option will restore your car to the time before the Drift Tune upgrade, and you won’t have to rebuy the same performance upgrades again. Hence, players can swap between driving styles for a relatively cheap price.

Winning Drift Races

To complement the addition of Drift Tune, Rockstar included a new racing mode: Drift Races! GTA V now has seven drift races for players to show their skills in:

  • Highway Code
  • Wide Berth
  • A Hill To Die On
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Beach Slap
  • Let Fly
  • Textile City Limits

These races do not work as the regular ones. Instead of crossing the finish line first, players will have to collect points by continuously drifting on these tracks while moving forward. Making noise while stationary doesn’t count as drifting and will only ruin your multiplayer combo. So, learning how to propel forward while drawing semi-circles in a drift, is a must here.

Once you get the hang of chaining drifts together, you’ll notice a bar filling up at the lower left corner of the screen, Drifting fills that bar up, which will increase your multiplayer score. Keep drifting to stack up your multiplayer counter, which gets applied to the total mileage you’ve covered in a single, epic drift maneuver!

However, to bank that score, you’ll have to stop the car in place, but without colliding with another solid object. Coming into contact with another vehicle or a traffic sign (for example) will cause you to lose all those points you’ve been working towards thus far. Yet, achieving a high score requires that you risk longer drifts to stay competitive, so this concept is a neat high-risk-high-reward inclusion to the eSports side of GTA V!

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