Declutter your Living Space With These Clever Storage Ideas

Living in a small place has it’s own benefits, such as being snug and simple to maintain. It also makes it much simpler to locate lost items. Anyone who has lived in a small space is aware that doing so has drawbacks, particularly in terms of storage. Fortunately, there is a tonne of brilliant storage solutions for compact areas that you can use to maximise your available space. With a little time and imagination, practically everything in your house can be converted into creating extra storage.

1. Store things in the ottoman: A foolproof way to hide various things lying in your living room, that never seem to find a permanent place is to invest in an ottoman or refurbish the existing ones. With the festive season around the corner, you can take advantage of the furniture sale to upgrade the aesthetic of your home. Ottomans are a beautiful blend of style and function and provide the dual benefit of creating extra storage as well as seating space in your living room.

2. Use under-the-bed area: If you don’t have a bed that comes with in-built storage, don’t worry there are clever ways to use the space under the bed to store things. Now the urge to shove things under the bed can be very strong, by doing so you are going to only increase the chaos and clutter. Take advantage of several organizer bags, pull-out drawers, and customizable containers that are available in the market that have been particularly designed to help you store things neatly under the bed. If the budget is not a constraint, consider upgrading your normal bed to a storage bed. You can explore the range of Durian furniture as their products are made from high-quality wood, and is moisture resistant.

3. Floating shelves: Installing floating shelves on the walls is a genius way to increase the storage space by manifolds. It’s preferable to over stuffing tables and dressers for extra storage into an already confined area. Almost anything you can think of can be kept or displayed on the floating shelves, without taking up any floor space at all. With little creativity, you can place the floating shelves in a manner that further enhances the beauty of the room by adding a unique element. 

4. Get a good shoe stand: Shoe organisation in small spaces can be quite a challenge and it definitely makes the space look cluttered because of how bulky they are. Tucking them away is not easy, and the best way to do so is to get a shoe cabinet. These cabinets can be placed in the living room, and they even provide an extra surface area to place your beautiful artifacts, and small potted plants and even use it to place small things like your keys, remotes, chargers etc.

5. Create a makeshift closet: Makeshift closet is a cool idea for people who live in tiny spaces and know the struggles caused by the absence of proper closets.

When it comes to decluttering your living space, getting creative with storage is key. By utilizing some of these clever storage ideas, you can make the most of your space and keep your home tidy and organized.

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