Effective Strategies for Managing Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons that affect the quality of life of an individual irrespective of their age. It is also one of the most common reasons why people consult an orthopaedist. Most individuals will experience lower back pain, at some instance of their life. The reasons for lower back pain could range between a minor sprain to serious long-term factors. Orthopedists in Gurgaon are experts in treating different types of back pain and keeping the back healthy.

Common causes of back pain in adults

There are two types of pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain initiates quickly and lasts for a brief time period. Chronic back pain lasts longer than three months. The common causes of back pain, according to orthopedists in Gurgaon, are as follows.

  • Strains and sprains: Sprains and strains are the common causes of back pain. It is common to injure the tendons, muscles and ligaments by lifting heavy objects. Some people also strain their backbone by twisting and bending over frequently.
  • Disk problems: The vertebral disks cushion the small gaps between spinal bones. Sometimes, the disks can bulge from their position in the spine. When they bulge, they press on the adjacent nerve and cause pain. This is common with increasing age, as the disks get flat and offer less protection.
  • Structural problems: Spinal stenosis is an important structural problem of the spinal cord. In this condition, the spinal column tends to get too narrow and pinches the sciatic nerve causing severe pain. Similarly, the curvature of the spine can cause pain and stiffness in the back.
  • Fractures: This is the most common cause of pain. Conditions like osteoporosis and spondylolysis can also cause fractures of the spine and result in back pain.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis is the inflammation of the bones. When it happens in the lower back, it causes pain, stiffness and inflammation. Appropriate back pain treatment is a must in arthritis.

Ways to treat chronic back pain:

For effective back pain treatment, it is important to understand the source of the pain. People with back pain need not go for invasive surgical procedures immediately. Orthopedists in Gurgaon suggest the following ways to treat chronic back pain.

  1. Physical therapies:

Exercise is the best way to manage chronic back pain. It is the first line of treatment to strengthen the muscles and restore the posture. Individuals should maintain an exercise routine to improve the quality of their muscles. It is important to follow the exercise regime consistently to maintain the strength and stability of the back. Aerobic exercises, stretching and flexibility exercises, and posture training exercises will help manage back pain.

  • Lifestyle modifications:

Orthopedists in Gurgaon suggest lifestyle modifications. before considering medications and medical interventions to treat back pain. It is important to refrain from sitting in the same position for a prolonged time. It will also be beneficial to avoid smoking and drinking habits.

  • Pharmacological interventions:

Orthopedists in Gurgaon also suggest topical, oral and injectable medicines to address back pain. These medicines include muscle relaxants, painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. They will start with a minimal dose and gradually dose up to manage chronic back pain. They will suggest opioid medications only when the pain is not tolerable.

Surgical management of back pain:

Orthopedists in Gurgaon will suggest surgical interventions to treat back pain only if the individuals suffer any of the following red flag symptoms.

  • Weakness in the hands and legs
  • Problems with gait and balance
  • When the reflex action gets hyper-sensitive
  • Worsening bowel and bladder issues

Surgeries on the spinal cord are complex surgeries. It is important to get them done through the best surgeons in Delhi NCR.

Bottom Line:

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