Embrace Your Eccentricity with These 5 Square Sunglasses

Some sunglasses are restricted to being functional accessories that can last you a lifetime only by being a trusted companion through all the seasons. However, that does not mean you have to sacrifice in the style department if all you ever find are conventional options in the market. You might want to change up your wardrobe by adding a touch of individuality and eccentricity to your look with the help of accessories, and sunglasses are one of the most effective ways to do so.

Square sunglasses are the prime example of fashion and function when it comes to eyewear. Some styles like pincher or round sunglasses might not cover the entire eyes and the skin around it, but square sunglasses offer complete sun protection while being effortlessly stylish. They are also one of the most experimental and universally flattering eyewear frames on the market right now, as the big goggles are back in trend this season. Hence, the loud and bold designs that are storming the runways and eyewear collections can be your favourite accessory too. Here are some square sunglasses you can buy to embrace your eccentricity and make heads turn wherever you go.

The Chic Classic

A collection of square sunglasses is bound to always include the timeless and classic shade of black, which is an imperative addition to your collection. These square frame glasses are the perfect way to add that edge to your look which elevates it to the next level. The design is deceptively simple, but the sleek and bold lines flow seamlessly across your face making your features stand out and causing heads to turn wherever you go.

The Tinted Trooper

Tinted lenses in 2022 have become one of the biggest trends in eyewear as seen on numerous red carpets, runways, and eyewear collections. Bidding adieu to the standard lens shades of dark brown and black, the lenses of these square frame glasses are now tinted in various shades that can add a pop of colour to your features effortlessly. The pop of colour on a simple ensemble is the signature of someone with an eccentric spirit, which is why these square sunglasses are the perfect pick for you.

Golden Squares

Donning square sunglasses in gold is one of the most reliable and fail-proof ways to spruce up your look with little to no effort. The appearance of these square frame glasses may feel like an intimidating choice, but it is the perfect eccentric addition to your ensemble right before you head out the door. The pilot-frame-inspired design, coupled with the large lenses, makes for a stunning combination that is a must-have for your square sunglasses mens collection.

The Fiery Fashionista

Transparent with the Trend

The transparent trend in eyewear is also one that has spilt over to square sunglasses since the large lenses and bulky frames offer a good space for designers to experiment with. The transparent look has been ushered in by the resurgence of the urban and futuristic aesthetic of the late 2000s. These square frame glasses are a product of that movement in eyewear, becoming an instant hit amongst those who want to stand out with their eyewear. The most important thing to remember when shopping for square sunglasses is that they fit your face shape correctly and do not overwhelm your features. When styled right, square sunglasses can be the perfect finishing touch to your look before you head out the door. Your search for eccentric and unique square sunglasses can be fulfilled by heading to brands like Titan Eyeplus which promise premium eyewear at great prices, all under one roof.

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