Factors that Determine the Rise and Fall of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Prices

One of the biggest concerns for investors in the crypto market is high volatility as it is a volatile currency which makes them wonder what is driving the movements. Let’s know what you are doing and why there is public crypto. To get the answer to that question, you have to know some points given below, so that you will be able to make the right decision for investment. If you want to start bitcoin trading check this Web page.

Why do crypto prices go up or down?

To understand this, first of all, it is essential to know why the value of crypto assets goes up and down. The demand for crypto is high but there is not enough supply for it due to which its prices are seen increasing. This is the time when the market performs its function as a price driver. Most of the time such cases occur when the crypto market reacts when bitcoin crypto runs. Before proceeding, you must first understand what determines the bitcoin price.

What drives crypto prices?

Here are some of the factors that greatly affect crypto prices:

Liquidity and markets

Crypto is listed on several exchanges and is made available in several tradable forms, which bodes well for its prices. You may check the Purchasers Trust Score for a particular cryptocurrency trading pair on several information aggregators such as CoinMarketCap. Keep in mind that every trading pair on the exchange represents a different market for that cryptocurrency.


Tokenomics deals with the supply and many of the things that make digital currencies so valuable. For instance, the amount of locked token supply, the market capitalization of a particular cryptocurrency, its position globally, etc. A few projects set tokens to unlock times, which may temporarily lower prices due to a rise in supply. According to this, other initiatives plan token burns, which raises scarcity and boosts pricing. If someone asks you the question of what is the reason behind the up or down movement of crypto, now you have got the answer to this question. However, even then it will be volatile and at the same time, it is a speculative position as well. Sanctions, global regulations, and pro-crypto are going to affect the price significantly. Several factors can greatly affect the game’s value at the time it is played, with the main reason being high, be sure to do your research first to make a crypto-specific decision.

Project security

Crypto projects are viewed with different visions, which has become an important pricing factor for the quality of the blockchain. If you also want to come in these projects then before that, the overall security and network are adopted so that the cases of crypto prices can be known. An expanding node count in this case is the ideal metric because it shows an increasing community. However, the project is sufficiently decentralised because of the growing number of nodes. Consequently, the project and its cryptos will score more points.

Supply and demand

According to the tokenomics of the project, cryptocurrencies can have a restricted or endless supply. Selected cryptocurrencies react favourably to general scarcity just like any other valuable item with fixed supply and increasing demand. Hence, given that Bitcoin (BTC) has a fixed supply and will eventually turn deflationary, you might see it become more famous. On the other hand, it is a great statistic to assess price increases or drops during the period if you are looking at any other cryptocurrency. The demand for crypto assets with a reduced issuance percentage is higher.

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