Famous Slangs Related to Cryptocurrencies And Bitcoin!

With cryptocurrency evolving, many digital currency slangs have arrived in the community. Trading websites offer the best features in terms of bitcoin trading. For example, you can trade accurately and profitably, and if you face any issue, you can contact this platform’s customer care. Some cryptocurrency slangs are incredibly famous, like HODL, and some are not only common to a particular community. There are also blogs that have informative content, an example of this is about the seven cryptocurrency abbreviations that every bitcoin enthusiasts need to know.

Most cryptocurrency investors might be familiar with this slang but don’t know what these terms mean—list of famous virtual currency slang that are viral on social media and digital currencies communities on Reddit pages.


HODL is a funny cryptocurrency slang used mainly by people who believe in holding their crypto-coin for a long. When someone holds and doesn’t sell his coins, they say he keeps his currency. It also has a use case to share the idea of holding the cash for a long.

HODL is a funny way to spell hold, which can be associated with its reason or cause. HODL originates from a drunken email sent by an Irish student named Dave Klein to his friends in 2013, claiming he had not sold bitcoins since 2011 when the price was about $3 and that he had forgotten about them until that time when the price was surging towards $250.


FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. FUD is a strategy used to influence an audience by disseminating negative and dubious or false information, which creates an impression of the situation as bad rather than good. Many people have used this strategy in cryptocurrency to spread negativity in the market. It is also known as “Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation.”

Bag holder

A bag holder is a person who holds all the coins he ever earned and bought in his life. A bag holder does not want to accept that he missed the Bull Run, so he keeps holding all his coins, thinking they will rise again.

To The Moon

To the Moon is a cryptocurrency slang used in the communities to express the exponential rise of a coin. This funny cryptocurrency slang is familiar to many community members and has become viral. There are many reasons behind this term, but people have a shared belief behind this funny cryptocurrency slang: Bitcoin or other top coins will go to the Moon someday.


Flippening is an exciting cryptocurrency slang. Flippening indicates a change of leader in a particular industry or market sector. Current leaders can lose their position, and other competitors or tokens can replace it.

Flippening is a crypto-coin slang that refers to any movement made by the coins in the market. Flippening is usually associated with the change in the top two cryptocurrency lenders in the industry. Flippening is a word that also can have a use case as a verb, like “flipping” or “flopping.”


One can use many terms in the cryptocurrency space; one of them is a whale. Before the term whale was famous in the market, traders used it to explain large investors who invest in a particular coin or token. The original name for whale was also “elephant,” a prominent investor who had invested $10 million or more. These are some cryptocurrency slang terms and phrases that are very famous and viral in the community. In addition, many more secondary words that people have adopted as their language have become viral in different communities or circles.

Pump and dump

Pump and dump is a cryptocurrency slang used in the forums and other communities to spread false or negative news about a coin or token. It is one of the methods used to decrease the price of a particular coin or token and divert investors’ interest towards other currencies.

Pump and dump is a type of market manipulation involving a group of traders. A pump occurs when the price of a coin suddenly rises to an unrealistic level – it can happen for several reasons. However, the effect behind a sudden rise in virtual currency price is predominately due to increased investor confidence.

Paper Hands

Paper Hands is a slang term that implies that you have lost or failed to make any profit. Paper Hands is a slang term that associates itself with a set of digital currencies and tokens. People use this to exaggerate and spread negative news about a coin or token so that it makes some profit and then returns to the actual price after the pump and dump plan.

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