Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Online Rummy Game

The ‘Mother’ of all card games, also known as rummy, is one of the oldest forms of cards. Since the game has evolved so rapidly and grown so popular, it has culminated in a variety of casual games with confusing rules and names. Rummy is a fun and fascinating game, whether you play it online or with a physical deck of cards. In a rummy game, you must arrange your cards in the correct sequence and sets as per the rules, and make a valid rummy declaration. Strategy and decision-making are key elements in this game. However, the online version might seem dicey sometimes. Well, when you play rummy on online gaming platforms like GetMega, you also win real money, which doubles the fever of the game. 

Even though this game is very famous for its entertainment factor but there is still so little knowledge about it.

Origin of the game

Rummy is believed to have multiple origins across the globe. According to the most prevalent cited theory, rummy originated in Spain. Later it unfolded across the Americas when the Spanish began migrating there during the 19th century. Rummy was initially known as Conquian, which is believed to be the introductory variant of this mind game. Most of the popular beliefs concerning the origin of rummy relate it to either Europe or North America. However, there’s another notion, too, that links the game to Asia. There existed a game called ‘Mahjong’ in China nearly one thousand years ago. It is similar to, decide and drop style of rummy. This fact proves the premise of the idea that rummy has its roots in China too. Within the nineteenth century, the same game came to be renowned by alternative names comparable to ‘Khanhoo’ and ‘Kon Khin’. The Chinese wanted to play it. Hence, there’s a break that the sport of Rummy could have originated in Asia and at last reached India. 

Best player

Stu Ungar, the best rummy player in the world, had a  great memory. This greatly helped him become good at cards. His opponents often elaborated that Stu had fierce gameplay. It would seem as if he could time his bluffs. Moreover, his good memory usually seemed like a superpower.  

He was born in New York City, US on 8th September 1953. His full name was Stuart Errol Ungar. In addition to his name, he was also famously known as Stuey, The Kid, and The Comeback Kid. He was introduced to rummy at a very young age. It is known that Stu achieved his triumph at his 1st knock rummy tournament when he was just ten. Later Stu’s father passed away putting huge responsibilities on Stu. He had the capability and began playing knock-rummy regularly to look after his family. He began succeeding at tournaments very often and won around ten thousand dollars or more in one sitting. By 1976, when Stuart was in his late 20s he was already the best-known rummy payer in New York.

Various types of rummy:

Currently, there are sixty different variations of rummy all over the globe. Many varieties of rummy games are played all over the world including Bing Rummy, Indian Rummy, Block Rummy, Rummy 500, Gin Rummy, Three Thirteen, Knock Rummy, Shanghai Rum, 13 Card Rummy, Tong, Contract Rummy & Speed Rummy. According to some claims, games like Pinochle and Bridge also branched out from rummy. Therefore, you can call rummy the mother and origin of all other card games.

Advantages of playing rummy:

Rummy might appear like a game of gambling and fun without many positive sides. But to our surprise, it does have some benefits:

Improves coordination between hand and eye

According to previous studies, regular rummy players have great coordination levels between their hands & eye and also understand mathematics better. Additionally, they have better visual judgement.

You get well versed with judging minds: 

The game not only improves a player’s cognitive abilities but can even help them with reading minds. In the game of rummy, a person regularly analyzes other people’s gestures and postures to win.

Stress Buster: 

People love playing rummy often as it helps them to get rid of stress. That way, if you ever experience being mentally worn out and want to relax, do give rummy a try.
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