How Can I Get a Zero Forex Card?

Planning a trip abroad? You have a long checklist to complete, from obtaining a visa and booking flights to reserving hotels and renting a car for local commute. Each of these steps means spending in foreign currency, which brings along additional charges in the form of forex markup. These charges can accumulate and impact your travel budget.

A zero forex card can be your ideal travelling partner as it can help you do away with the fees associated with international transactions. Let’s discuss foreign markup fees in detail, how a zero forex card helps you avoid these charges, and the steps to obtain one.

What is forex markup?

Forex markup is a fee that banks charge when you conduct transactions in a currency that isn’t your card’s default. Put simply, you incur this fee while converting money from one currency to another.

For example, suppose you make a purchase worth ₹10,000 with your debit card while travelling overseas. If your card imposes a 3% forex fee, this transaction could incur an additional ₹300. This amount is over and above the original transaction value and any other applicable fees or charges on your card.

How can I get a zero forex card?

To get a zero forex markup card, you first have to:

  • Research banks that offer zero forex markup debit cards. Look out for ones that suit your financial needs and spending patterns.
  • Compare their features, like no annual fees and global acceptance.
  • Now check your eligibility. Often, you need a savings account with the bank.
  • Fill out the application form and submit documents like ID proof and address proof.
  • Once approved, your zero forex markup debit card will be dispatched to your address. Now activate it as per the bank’s instructions.

You can choose the INDIE Savings Account by IndusInd Bank to get the perfect debit card for international travellers. Simply fund your account with ₹50,000 to upgrade to the INDIE Mega Star Account and receive the INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card at no extra cost.[KT1]  [HS2] This debit card eliminates forex markup entirely, which means you only pay the actual value of your transactions.

Accepted in over 150 countries, the INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card offers high convenience and freedom. Download INDIE by IndusInd Bank and enjoy your international journey without any hidden charges.

How does a debit card with zero forex markup help?

A debit card with zero forex markup offers numerous benefits that can enhance your international spending experience.

BenefitsHow it helps
Maximises savingsYou pay what you see, no hidden fees. With each swipe or tap abroad, you are saving money, typically 1% to 3% per transaction.
Simplifies budgetingKnowing your expenses reflect the actual exchange rates brings clarity. No need for complex calculations or worrying about fluctuating currency values. Only what you spend gets deducted.
Global acceptanceYou can use the zero forex markup debit card in various countries. Now dine, shop, or book flights, without stressing about the thought of extra charges.
Get high securityMany zero forex markup cards come with security features like fraud protection, instant transaction alerts, and easy card blocking to protect your money.
Enjoy rewardsInternational spending can help you get cashbacks, points, vouchers, or deals. This way, with every transaction, you not just spend but earn valuable rewards.

As you can see, the absence of forex markup means your expenses abroad are transparent and predictable. These benefits simplify your international spending and enhance your overall travel experience.

The bottom line

A zero forex markup card minimises costs and maximises convenience in international transactions. From enjoying the real exchange rate to capitalising on cashback and complimentary travel insurance, a zero forex card offers hassle-free financial management across borders.

As the world is becoming more interconnected, such financial tools become invaluable for travellers and international spenders. However, the key is to choose a card that aligns with your specific needs and use it wisely. With the right zero forex markup card, you can enjoy the freedom of global spending without worrying about any hidden fees impacting your budget. 

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