How is Aburaj Mount Abu Taxi Service Enhancing Travel from Abu Road to Mount Abu?

Customer Review for Aburaj Taxi Service:

Our Mount Abu trip was spectacular. The scenic drive covered a distance of approximately 30 km among the Aravalis from Abu Road to Mount Abu. It took us about an hour to reach Mount Abu.  We had hired a taxi from Aburaj Taxi Services, and believe me, the drive was so beautiful and convenient that we hardly noticed the time and didn’t even realise when we reached Mount Abu, the best hill station in Rajasthan. 

Hiring a taxi from Aburaj Taxi Services was the best decision as the driver was well versed with the roads; in fact, he even knew each bend and turn, like he had the map imprinted in his mind. He would inform us much before a turn came so we would avoid getting any jerk. Aburaj Mount Abu Taxi Service was unparalleled, making our trip more fun and comfortable. The driver even turned out to be a tour guide, and it was just perfect as he explained every detail of the spots we visited and made the whole experience very interesting.

 Unique features of Aburaj Taxi Service that Make it the Best

Aburaj Mount Abu taxi service has been the most recommended taxi provider for travelling from Abu Road to Mount Abu or vice versa. They have been most highly rated because of their prompt services, experienced and trustworthy drivers, and a fleet of well-maintained cars catering to everyone’s budget ranges. Some of the unique features of Aburaj MountAbu Taxi Services are

●     Reliable Services and Drivers

Their services are reliable, and they never cancel the car at the last minute. They are known to be the most punctual, sticking to the time committed, and for the least last-minute cancellation complaints.

●     Convenience of Booking:

Booking a taxi with Aburaj is super easy and convenient. Their user-friendly platform helps you book your taxi from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world in just a few clicks or on a call. Furthermore, they also offer multiple language assistance, allowing foreigners to book taxi services for their Mount Abu trips.

●     Car Servicing And Maintenance Of The Fleet

Customer comfort and safety are the top priorities at Aburaj Taxi Services. The cars are well maintained and serviced periodically to guarantee cleanliness and a great travel experience for visitors.

●     Variety Of Cars For All Segments

They have many cars from different categories, like hatchbacks, SUVs, and sedans, starting at just Rs. 1300/-. You have the option to choose the vehicle based on your requirements and budget.

●     Local Driver & Guide:

They have local drivers, making it much easier to go around as they thoroughly know the roads and even bylanes. In an event or emergency, they can immediately rush you for help or even take alternative routes. The drivers are well-versed in the history and significance of most tourist spots, so they even work as tour guides for your trip. This is one of the standing-out features of Aburaj taxi services.

●     Budget-Friendly Options For Luxury Cars

It is vital to have a comfortable drive, but Aburaj Taxi Service understands that the budget can vary. There is no compromise on quality and comfort, so they provide you with the best car in each category you wish.

●     Travel Experience:

They provide the most incredible and seamless experience during your travel. The commitment to customer satisfaction is visible in how they treat their customers and take care to drive safely and smoothly for a comfortable ride.

●     Driver’s Background Check:

Before interviewing and testing the driver’s driving skills, the Taxi service agency thoroughly checks the driver’s driving history for drunk driving, misbehaving with customers, or police records. There is no compromise on the background checks and safety measures before Aburaj Mount Abu taxi service hires drivers.


Our experience with Aburaj Mount Abu taxi service was just incredible. They made the whole trip so easy, with a well-planned departure and arrival, and as we had hired them for an entire day trip, we managed to cover all the spots in good time.

The scenic drive from Abu Road to Mount Abu and back was smooth and comfortable. The drivers are well-behaved and respectful and know their routes very well.  The car was immaculately clean and comfortable, and above all, the price was much more reasonable compared to other taxi providers in the area. Punctuality and commitment to the timeline, among the many features discussed above, make the Aburaj Mount Abu taxi service unique and ideal for all travellers.

If you plan a road trip from Abu Road to Mount Abu, using the Aburaj Mount Abu taxi service services is highly recommended. Call them now, or you can even conveniently book a taxi on their super easy taxi booking portal.

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