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How To Celebrate New Year From Home

Amid the pandemic, things have changed a lot. From weddings to birthday celebrations, everything has turned virtually. Companies that never thought of giving their employees the benefit of working from home are now allowing it to happen. We have developed new skills with the extra time we had and gave priority to our mental and spiritual health; still, we miss the celebration outside our home.  New Year celebration has always been a big deal for us; we plan for the last day of the year months before. We used to seek out best offers and places for the New Year eve party and at the very least used to upload pictures with new year captions for instagram  .  It does disappoint us when all that we thought of couldn’t take off, but as they say change is inevitable, here’s the thing, let’s take the taste of New Year Celebration at Home, make it a comfier and intimate one this time.

Here’s our take on How to Celebrate the New Year at Home?

Get Creative

We have been showing our creative side during this situation by trying out cooking and, through this creativity; you can set your home environment to a party mood.  You can make handmade paper decorations and funny face masks for a masquerade party theme, isn’t this an apt theme party for New Year? You can make your DIY decorative items together with fam jam and, this will be a lovely break for you and your family to escape the mundane routine.

Zoom Your Party

If you are alone or missing your closed ones, and they can’t drop by at your place, then you can plan your virtual party.

Host a virtual party, plan your playlist and virtual games and make sure each one is ready with their glass and snacks to set the right mood. You can record the video and later edit and post to boast your celebration. I am sure this won’t take away your freedom to hit the dance floor; you can all set into swinging and dancing and watch out for funny movements amongst each other.  You can play an online game together, truth or dare in your comfort place. Play a musical instrument and make them sing to your tune, also play the guessing game where you can ask them to identify the person by simply describing their personality trait.

Good Food Treat

You can set a menu for your home party, from starter to the main course and arrange drinks easily a week ago, don’t keep it for last moment you know out of stock can be an issue. 😉 Make a list of all the items and ingredients you need to cook your three course meal and then hop for shopping. I must tell you that grocery shopping is another level of therapy; it just makes you feel like you are on a Master Chef spree.  Don’t forget to buy sweets and chocolates as you need them while you greet each one in the party.

Fun activities for Children

If you have children then involve them and make them part of all this New Year home party, this way you will not only keep them engaged but also you get their assistance to make you job simple.  This time you can also arrange an exclusive New Year kid’s party by building a camp tent made out of curtains, blankets and pillows. Lighting the ambience makes the inside of the tent cosy. Allow them play board games or watch an animated movie.  You guys can create, cook and play together and when the clock strikes 12, you can have your New Year Dance and cut that cake and say wohoooo!

Karaoke Nights

If you love singing and it’s one of the things that raises your vibes then include karaoke night to your celebration. What a great time it would be before dinner each and everyone singing to their favourite tune and making that body move. We all love to watch our loved ones when they are happier.

Picture Perfect

While you celebrate at home, the most important thing is not to forget to dress your best. To get the party moving from in and out, remember all the online shopping you did to look your best whether it is best cosmetic products or clothing, don them and look your best. When we adore our beauty and look our best, the mood automatically goes from 100 to 1000% and, that’s the time to click some pictures and create memories and frame them until next.

Simply, using these ideas you can have a perfect New Year Celebration like never before.

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