How To Ship Products In India

In today’s online business, shipping your products can seem daunting as a business owner. Since the heart of e-commerce lies in quality customer service, which again is directly linked with prompt and timely delivery of goods, proper attention being paid to shipping is vital.

Therefore, in this article, we will share deep insights and proper guidance about how to ship your products, especially in India. With quality shipping, your business can reach new heights; hence, focusing on this aspect of e-commerce is equally significant.

So, let’s dig in to learn about the steps you need to apply to ship products in India, and then we will discuss reliable shipping companies later. Let’s dive right into it.

Steps To Ship Products In India

India is a thriving market and a land of various opportunities. Shipping your products might seem overwhelming initially when you are starting out, but once you do the right research and opt for an authentic shipping company, things seem a little easier. However, before we jump directly into discussing shipping companies, let’s equip yourself with the steps you need to follow to ship products in India.

1. Ensure the packaging is secure

Packaging is important, especially if you are shipping products across countries. You have to ensure that your boxes are well-packaged to prevent any damage. Using bubble wrap and tape is a good choice if you want to avoid items breaking.

Also, you should label your items clearly. You should write the weight and dimensions on the label so that it can easily be transported. If the items are fragile, you should label them as well. Of course, it goes without saying that the receiver’s name and address should also be clearly visible.

2. Choose a reliable shipping service

The next step is to choose a trustworthy shipping service. There are various shipping services that can ship your goods in India, but which one will you choose? Below, we have outlined a few notable services that you can try out. Keep in mind that each shipping service has different charges and specifications. Therefore, you need to identify your key requirements and determine if your chosen shipping company’s services align with them. 

3. Calculate the costs

Now, you have to determine the cost of shipping. International shipping is usually more expensive than shipping in the same country. Also, get ready to be bombarded with shipping fees. If you’re not careful, they’ll chew through your profit margin.

You should calculate the total cost by adding weight, size, destination, and other optional costs, such as express delivery. This will let you know whether it is worth the effort.

4. Get your documents in order

Once you calculate the costs, you need to get your documents in order. Make sure you have your invoices in hand. Since international shipping may also involve waybills while influenced by governments’ rules and regulations, ensure your all documents are up-to-date to avoid any consequences. Moreover, if you’re exporting products, you should also look into obtaining an Import-Export Code which can also help in tracking. Afterwards, you would have to sign the appropriate forms with your shipping service for the final shipment process.

5. Managing shipments

Once the items have been shipped, you have to monitor and track them. Courier tracking is important to make sure the package doesn’t get lost, damaged, or simply delivered to the wrong address. You can use your code to track the order to find out where it is in real-time. The delivery date should tell you when it will be delivered. If the product hasn’t been delivered by the due date, you should definitely get in touch with customer support.

Best Shipping Companies In India

Now that we have discussed the steps through which you can easily ship products in India, it’s time to shed some light on trustable shipping companies. Since shipping your products involves the prime element of trust, opting for the right shipping company is the way to go. That said, here is a list of the top-rated shipping companies in India that can definitely ramp up your business to a whole new level. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Blue Dart

The most popular and top-notch shipping services in India are delivered by none other than Blue Dart. This shipping company has made its place in the industry and has now expanded to countries around the globe as well.

If you are someone who wants premium shipping services at a good price, Blue Dart is your best friend. Apart from high-quality services, this company offers cash on delivery and tailors to your requirements well. Their customer service speaks for itself, which is one of the core reasons many business owners go for Blue Dart.


DTDC is another shipping company that has played a significant role in transforming the world of online shopping. The best feature of DTDC is its GPS feature, which lets your customers track their parcels in real-time.

By availing services of DTDC, you can enhance your customer experience to a great extent. Since this company enables your customers to receive on-time notifications about each new update in the parcel’s delivery, your business flourishes immensely.

3. ShipRocket

One of the emerging yet outclass shipping companies, ShipRocket provides impeccable services with less time and hassle involved. In a short span of time, this company has partnered with huge names like FedEx and delivered quality services. Using Shiprocket, you can streamline the seamless delivery of your product and not worry about a thing.

4. iThink Logistics

Last but not least, iThink Logistics is one of the growing shipping companies based in Mumbai, India. This company provides high-quality shipping services with minimal costs involved. Availing the services of this company leverages you with the benefit of automating the majority of your tasks. Also, with their standardized dashboard system, you can keep a proper record of all the shipping updates.


Now that we have talked about the steps required to ship your products in India and the top four shipping companies, it is your turn to figure out your business’s needs and choose one. Just like other aspects of E-commerce, shipping your products can be easily managed with the right amount of effort and time. And finding a genuine shipping company is the keystone of all.

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