How to Start a Watch Collection

Did you know that last year, Earth broke records and spun around the sun faster than normal?

On June 29th, people experienced the shortest day since the 1960s, and most didn’t even realize it. Time can be tricky, but it’s an interesting topic to explore. If you’re interested in learning more about horology, starting a watch collection can be perfect exposure.

Building a watch collection will help you bring awareness to time and the present moment. Read below on how to start collecting watches that inspire you and discover their value!

Dive into the Dials

Learning about the types of dials you can invest in will help you create an impressive collection.

There are several dials you may encounter when you’re at the store or going through antiques. Arabic and stick dials are popular, they use numbers and sticks to indicate the time. Arabic dials only have numerals and no stick indicators.

Roman, with and without a stick, is also popular, especially in the United States. Most people use these dial faces because they are sleek and easy to read. Classic watches have also used these dials and incorporated other features to improve their value.

If you’re looking for a unique dial, California style is recommended. California dials use both Roman and Arabic numerals. The dashes on these dials are used to represent hours three, six, and nine. Anytime you see an inverted triangle on your watch, it represents 12.

Set a Budget

Collecting watches can quickly become expensive, you need to set a reasonable budget for your hobby.

Whether you’re retired, working, or a student, you should have a reliable watch. Depending on your needs, you may have to allow a larger budget for the first watch, and then you can look for special deals. Collection watches with history can increase value, but they can still be affordable in the right places.

Before you purchase a watch, make sure it will increase in value or that you’ll get full use of it. As you build your savings by selling valuable watches, you can invest in more unique dials and wristbands.

Learn the Language

Do you know what a bezel, crown, or guilloche is?

All of these terms are commonly used by watch creators and collectors. When you start collecting luxury watches, these terms will be more familiar and help you invest in the best products.

If you don’t take the time to learn about watches and time lingo, you may end up overpaying for a watch or getting something you didn’t want. During online shopping, watch lingo should be closely looked at to prevent buying the wrong thing.

Horology, the science of measuring time, has also inspired many watch collectors to read more about the item on their wrist.

Shop at Diverse Locations

If you’re interested in luxury watch brands, you don’t want to buy them all from the same place.

Stores and jewelers tend to display similar pieces that are trending. Unfortunately, mass-produced watches won’t contribute much to your collection or offer any value. You can prevent this mistake by only buying the ones that catch your eye and getting them one at a time.

Watch shops, jewelers, and antique stores often carry unique watches. Take the time to find which stores are in your area, otherwise, you can buy online. With online purchases, make sure you understand the return policies and research the product.

If you want to find luxury pieces, Homage watches have plenty to choose from.

Diversify Appearances

Collecting watches that look identical takes the fun out of searching for unique finds.

A good collector invests in a variety of watches that each have something to offer. Diversifying the metals, fabrics, and watch styles is essential if you want one for each outfit. Although it may be tempting to buy a watch you really like in every color, try to avoid doing this.

Black, silver, and brown-leather watches are the easiest to find. You should also invest in watches that are blue, charcoal, or brightly colored. The goal is to build a strong enough collection so you always have something to wear.

Find a Storage Solution

Depending on how many types of watches you get, you will need somewhere to store them.

Tossing your watch collection into a drawer can lead to damage, especially if you forget they are in there. To avoid scratching metals or cracking screens, you should store each watch in an upright position and surround them with a gentle fabric.

Watch boxes and velvet bars can preserve the shape of your watches and keep your collection valuable. Many people make the mistake of improperly storing them and then have to find a replacement within several years.

Buy What You Like

Unless you can see yourself wearing the watch, put it back on the shelves.

The value of watches isn’t always reliable. For example, a famous watch from a movie might lose value if the main star in the film gets caught in legal trouble. If you’re investing money into watches, you want to make the most of them and show them off at work.

Just buy the watches that match your style and personality. Since watches can be so expensive, you don’t want to spend a portion of your savings on them to collect dust.

Develop an Impressive Watch Collection

Although you shouldn’t be watching time tick by on your watch, you need to have one to make the most of life.

Living in the moment is simple with a watch, especially if you typically check your phone for the time. Watches are much less distracting and add characters to everyday outfits. As you start building your watch collection, you can learn more about horology and the value of certain watches.

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