Improving Audience Engagement During Your Next Speech

The average human attention span is just 8.25 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. If you’re giving a speech, you could have your work cut out for you to hold an audience’s attention.

As public speaking is daunting enough without you noticing people looking at their phones, it’s helpful to learn the most effective audience engagement techniques. Once you have this knowledge at your disposal, you can captivate your speech attendees from start to finish.

There’s no need to hold your breath in anticipation, as we’re going to look at these methods right now. 

Open With a Strong Hook

The hook is vital as it can capture an audience’s attention and ensure they are waiting intently on what you’re going to say next. Good examples are statistics related to the theme of your speech, an interesting fact that your audience won’t have heard before, or even a quote from a famous or historical figure. 

If you get this part of your speech right, it will also calm you down and help you get into a natural flow where you feel more comfortable on stage.

Make Your Speech Relatable

One of the best ways to engage an audience is to find a way to make your speech relate to them on a personal level. This gives people a reason to listen to your every word, and they’ll wait for you to provide insightful viewpoints on situations that matter to them. 

You can also create a connection with an audience by using your body language and adapting your speaking style and pace. This can take skill and practice, and you can benefit from getting professional training from the experts at

You’ll then have the confidence to speak in front of an audience, knowing you can hold their interest.

Let Your Audience Ask Questions

Engaging an audience doesn’t mean you should always be providing them with information without them speaking in return, and you can encourage people to consider your points by asking questions. This can get people thinking about what you’re telling them and can be a great way to promote audience participation during certain parts of your speech. Public speaking coaches at emphasize that incorporating interactive elements like audience questions not only promotes engagement but also fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas, transforming your speech into a captivating dialogue that resonates long after the event.

When you open up a dialogue, your speech can take interesting twists and turns that make it more exciting. While you’ll always be in control of the conversation, the attendees will welcome the opportunity to give their own viewpoints and listen to your replies. 

Increase Audience Engagement During Your Next Speech

Using the right audience engagement techniques can be a powerful way to inspire people when giving a presentation. Grab the audience’s attention from the beginning with a hook and explain why your story is important to them. You can also encourage people to think about your words and ask pertinent questions when you’re ready.

When you master these skills, you could become an in-demand public speaker.

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