Ingenious Ways To Use Jars At Home

With all those efforts and skills being put into the process of creating glass jar bottles, it is a pity to see others throwing them out after first or at best bets, second-time use. We share your feelings on this and would like you to know that your DIY dream is about to come true!

Recycling glass jars and putting them into good use- we bet you have thought about this but wish to gather the know-how. Follow this article to the end to find out ingenious ways of using a glass jar at home.

1. Flower Vase

At its very basic, DIY screams of hand-painted flower vases made out of glass jars is something we have all been familiar with, after the advent of handcraft itself. What better way to pour out all that creativity, all the while having beautiful and fragrant flowers always adorning your living area? DIY flower vases thus secure the very top position in our list for being the easiest to craft.

2. Stained or Painted Glass Jars

Let us be honest, drab, whitewashed glass jars do not exactly scream “CREATIVITY”. Once in a while, we need to spice things up, be it your Indian masala curry or that one unkempt glass jar that needs decoration.

We thus bring you the idea of painted glass jars. Bring out the Picasso in you and do not hesitate to take up that long-forgotten paintbrush to paint something amazing today!

3. Starlight and Fireflies

Rice lights have never looked more beautiful other than being hung on walls and Christmas trees, right? What if we tell you otherwise? What if we tell you that perhaps, there is a way to catch starry nights and fireflies and store them in beautiful glass jars?

Bring out those beautiful rice lights, untangle them and place them inside a translucent glass jar and place it on your study table. We guarantee your satisfaction from this easy DIY hack!

4. Glitter Magic

All that glitters may not be gold but all that glitters is beautiful! Adorn yourself with glitter outfits and jewellery and notice all the glamour it brings you. Now do the same thing, but with a glass jar.

Bring those glitter sticker sheets, glitter tapes or just pure powdered glitter and use adhesive to attach them to the glass body. Add some external designs to make it colourful or let it be, all the glitter will do the work. We are sure that you will be delighted with the results.

5. Message in a bottle

Sailor in the sea got his hands on a corked wine bottle stranded afloat in the sea. He opens it to unfurl a letter long lost, a letter that tells stories of old and legends untold!

All the fantasy geeks out there, does this excite you? If yes, then why not bring some of this magic to your bookshelf by adorning it with a beautiful DIY message in a bottle by using reusable wine bottles?

6. Rainbow Lanterns

To make rainbow lanterns, all you need are an assortment of beautiful bright colour papers, some reusable wires and a set of mason jars. Use rice lights or lamp beads for DIY lighting. Putting this all together creates magic, and brings you to the land of fantasies and fairies. So go ahead, give it a try!

7. Magical Terrariums

Loving and admiring the wild ruptures of wildlife has never been easier for terrariums to bring you the closest you can be to nature. They bring you bouts of freshness and greenery, right on your dining hall table.

To create a beautiful terrarium, you need distinctive assortments of herbs and miniature orchids and flowers. Remember, everything should cater to a singular colour palette to give the terrarium that organised beauty.

8. The Night Garden

While a terrarium provides you with the scope to develop a miniature natural scape once, a hanging garden of mini orchids with the vases made out of glass jars provide you with the scope to be creative and experiment with ideas and assortments with different plants and vase designs which you can later hang at your balcony.

9. Canning Jars

Kim Kardashian’s pantry is the most beautiful thing ever. But guess what? Yours can be too! Assort your pulses, nuts and cereals, separate them into sections and organise them to create a clean, not-so-dishevelled look for your pantry. Sectioning has never been easier!

10. Desk organiser / Pen Holder

Setting apart home decor ideas, reusing glass jars can be pretty much organisational rather than just decorative. Take the example of the canning jar idea mentioned above. Similarly, organising office tools and student accessories such as pencils, pens and rulers will be another step easier if they are grouped and classified in different shell jars of glass.

Feel free to get imaginative with your design, or keep it simple to give it that minimalistic/ simplistic office decor look. The choice is yours!

11. DIY Candle

One of the best and often used tactics for reusing old glass jars is making candle wax and turning them into candles. In recent times, this handcraft has taken the form of industry business and blown out to be a full-time career for some.

While you may not wish to start off as an entrepreneur, making decorative candle jars is still a pretty creative job at hand, especially with all those unused jars at your doorstep. They need to be used, you might as well give them a productive makeover!

Making citronella candles is also an option- ward off all pests and negativity with your creativity.

Other ingenious ideas include creating a utensil caddy, honey pot, herbs and spices organiser among other things. However, we wish you good luck if you take up any of these jar projects and make them come true. Let the magic happen!

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