Interested in Bitcoin? Here’s what you can buy with it

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created by humanity. It was released in 2009 as a counterattack to the global financial crisis from 2007 to 2008 that demolished the financial sector. Satoshi Nakamoto is the supposed creator, although there’s not enough data to prove this statement. But despite the mystery behind the cryptocurrency, it has gained a lot of attention through the years due to its unique features of decentralization, interoperability and transferability. 

As the coin developed and spread around the world, it became accessible to all kinds of users, so even citizens from countries that lack proper banking services learned how to buy Bitcoin on Binance or through other methods accessible in their country. 

At first, you couldn’t leverage coins other than within digital marketplaces. But now, as Bitcoin is widespread, you can buy numerous products and services with it. Here’s only a brief list of what you can purchase with BTC. 

Tickets for traveling the world

The travel industry greatly benefits from cryptocurrency payments because it allows specific target audiences to pay with their coins. Therefore, addressing a broader number of people leads to increased profit and a better brand image.

Therefore, numerous airlines provide the payment option with crypto, but there are also accommodation companies that accept it. There may be more or fewer options depending on where you live, so check this to ensure you can actually make the purchase.

Learning programs

Since Bitcoin is the future of technology, it’s common for it to get involved in the education sector. Normally, for global adoption to occur, citizens would need to get educated on how to use Bitcoin to make the most out of the currency.

But Bitcoin can also be used to expand your general knowledge. That’s why a few universities and learning platforms offer the possibility of paying for your course with Bitcoin. Others will reward you with crypto for completing lessons and getting a degree in a specific sector, so we can genuinely say that Bitcoin contributed to education in one way or another.

Social media features

In-app payments already exist in many apps, whether they offer premium subscriptions or purchases of various additional features. However, paying with crypto has just been introduced in a few apps where it has been found that there’s a significant number of crypto investors.

For example, you can go premium on Reddit with Bitcoin, meaning you can scroll without being interrupted by ads. Plus, you can change your avatar and app icons however you like. There’s also X, formerly known as Twitter, where you can store, transfer and trade Bitcoin as the platform recently obtained the license for these operations to be available.

Video games

The video game sector had plenty of perks from cryptocurrency and blockchain. Although there’s a new department of blockchain games where you can pay only with crypto, famous game developers provide the opportunity to get your favorite game with Bitcoin.

Xbox, the famous video gaming brand by Microsoft, lets you buy games with Bitcoin, add-ons and Live subscriptions. Of course, the crypto offer has expanded, and you can also pay with Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.

Meals from certain restaurants

As crypto expands, you can now purchase delicious meals with Bitcoin in some areas. For example, Subway offers this opportunity within the Lighting Network. Burger King also provides this option to get burgers or fries with Bitcoin quickly.

While these companies accept Bitcoin directly, others prefer to use a payment processor or accept only crypto gift cards. You might also find crypto food delivery portals that offer the Bitcoin payment option in your area.

Luxury products

It’s no wonder you can buy luxurious things with Bitcoin, considering that some Bitcoin holders are wealthy. Elon Musk purchased $1.5 billion in Bitcoin to diversify the cash returns of his company and then decided to accept Bitcoin payments for Tesla. So, yes, you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin.

Other luxurious things you can buy with Bitcoin include Rolex watches, gold, clothes and bags. Of course, you can also buy laptops, consoles and smartphones with Bitcoin. But the most lavish things to purchase with BTC include paintings from famous artists.

Real estate

While it may seem like a stretch, if you have enough Bitcoins, you can buy land or a house. Most people who do this prefer to invest in real estate to consolidate their profits and diversify their assets. Unfortunately, there are few sellers who accept Bitcoin, so you need to search for them in specific places, such as Dubai.

Still, there are a few benefits of buying a property with Bitcoin. First, you can get a pretty great price depending on volatility and the market’s situation. Then, you won’t have to pay taxes if the transfer is made from your wallet to another. Moreover, if you plan to sell the property later, it will acquire more value, and you’ll make a significant profit from the building or land’s price.

Almost anything in Japan

As Bitcoin developed and reached technological-improved countries like Japan, it became a popular payment option. That’s why a known Japanese electronic retailer accepts Bitcoin around the country because many locals and foreigners use it here.

While the retailer provided this option within bigger stores, it aims to expand in the future and bring the possibility to many more stores located in the city’s suburbs and places that are not circulated. Therefore, you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin here, from electronics, drinks and foods, watches and appointments at the hairdresser.

What do you think about Bitcoin?

Although Bitcoin has been on the market for so long, people are still reticent about whether investing in cryptocurrency is a good idea. However, it’s been proven that Bitcoin can really change the financial sector by providing fast and transparent payment options. At the same time, since BTC is built on a decentralized platform, you won’t need any third parties to maintain your assets, leaving you the only one responsible for your wallets. So, what do you think about Bitcoin? Is it reliable?

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