Know the Best International Boarding Schools in India

In the last twenty years, India has emerged as a hub for school education. Those who previously had a very low opinion of India now send their children to join the best international boarding schools in India. Now, how did this change happen? There has been a massive development in the field of education in India in the last two decades. The Indian economy is one of the fastest developing economies of the world which has put it in a very envious position. Establishing international boarding schools in India is no joke because it needs a lot of funds and resources. Fortunately, the booming economy has brought a lot of funds and technology. Hence, it’s much easier to start international boarding schools in India. 

The education of children has always been the top priority of parents. It doesn’t matter what type of educational background parents come from. They may be very educated people in high-paying jobs or school dropouts doing lowly-paid jobs. However, irrespective of their own situation, they understand the virtues of good schooling for their children. Every parent understands that a good school education acts like a foundation stone for a child. Although there are many boarding schools in India, it’s often a herculean task for a parent to identify the best international boarding schools in India, with every school claiming to be better than others.

After checking on multiple parameters, the following institutions were found to be the serious contenders for being the best International boarding schools in India.

  1. Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore

The famous Chinmaya International Residential School, situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is one of the best International boarding schools in India. The co-educational residential school admits students from several countries, from Class V to Class XII. The focus of education lies not only on academic excellence but also on developing good moral character and leadership skills among students. The school has teaching staff from multiple nationalities who give valuable contributions by making learning enjoyable.

The school is well known for offering multiple indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including cricket, hockey, basketball, badminton, table tennis, swimming, water polo, football, softball, volleyball, and baseball. Students are also encouraged to participate in various adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, and rock climbing. It’s one of the leading International boarding Schools in India that is known for providing high-quality education with international-class infrastructure.

  1. Sharda World School

Sharda World School belongs to the famous Sharda group that runs top engineering and medical colleges in India. It’s one of the best International boarding schools in India with a huge campus on the Delhi -Agra highway. The school boasts of state-of-the-art modern classrooms and science and computer laboratories. It offers international class indoor and outdoor sports facilities to students who come from every part of the world.

The focus of education isn’t only limited to academic excellence but also on promoting brotherhood and camaraderie through extracurricular and cultural activities. The teachers come from diverse nationalities bringing the flavour of their unique language and culture. The hostel provides dining facilities of international class with a menu including continental and Indian cuisines. The school has a very active drama and music society with regular cultural activities taking place throughout the year.

There are many other institutions that qualify to be among the best International boarding schools in India, but we cannot include all of them. Sometimes, they may not be well known but those who get an opportunity to study in such schools find them at par with the leading International boarding schools in India. 

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