Lab-Grown Diamonds – What you Need to Know

Diamond is pure carbon, a sparkling stone created by a million years of intense heat and pressure, then cut and polished to perfection, ending up in a piece of jewellery. Lab-grown diamonds have been around for a while and contrary to popular belief, they are not fake in any way; indeed, the same processes that Mother Nature uses are applied in a laboratory environment, except it takes a few months, not millions of years to make a quality diamond.

Creating diamonds in a laboratory

There are two methods used to create diamonds in a lab environment, CVD (Chemical Vapour Disposition) involves placing a minute sliver of diamond inside a special combustion machine where it is exposed to carbon-rich gases and with very high temperatures, the carbon gas eventually crystallises on the diamond seed and after a few months, a large diamond awaits! Of course, there are costs incurred when you buy lab grown diamonds australia but the cost is less than naturally mined diamonds, plus you get the same certification.  

HPHT – High Pressure, High Temperature

HPHT diamonds are made by compressing pure carbon inside a metal case, with electric pulses raising the temperature; the majority of experts agree that HPHT diamonds are of better quality than CVD, so if you are looking for a stunning sparkler to garnish an engagement ring, HPHT is the way to go. Search the web for a leading Sydney-based custom jeweller who works with lab-grown diamonds and you can design the ring from the ground up!

Tailored engagement ring

If ever there was an occasion that demanded bespoke jewellery, an engagement would be it! The diamond ring is so much more than a piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of your undying love for each other and therefore, it should be unique. When you commission a custom jeweller, the ring is the only one of its kind in the universe! (we think), plus the custom jeweller can work to your budget and lab-grown solutions mean a bigger central diamond. And when it comes to Blue Nile lab diamonds, you’re looking at a selection that’s not only vast and high-quality but also ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Lab-grown diamonds are a good investment

We are sure you know that a lab-grown diamond is no different to a naturally found stone, the same processes created it, the lab environment merely speeds things up. All stones come with certification from a recognised diamond grading institution; something the jeweller does after the diamond has been cut and polished. Click here for tips on maintaining your wedding bands.

Computer-generated 3D images

The top custom jewellers in Australia create 3D images of the ring, with the client’s input, they work on every detail until you are 100% happy. You get much more for your dollar with a custom solution and who wouldn’t want to design their diamond engagement ring?

If you are a person who cares about ethics when it comes to diamonds, buying lab-grown diamonds means you don’t have to worry about how the diamonds were obtained.

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