Learn how Custom Driveshafts Can Increase Your Motor’s Performance

Custom Driveshafts are beneficial in increasing vehicle’s performance by improving fuel efficiency, and decreasing maintenance costs. Take a look at why the carbon driveshafts can make your car go faster and how they could increase vehicle performance.

What is a custom driveshaft?

The custom driveshaft is a metal drive that is attached to the frame of the truck. It works as a drive shaft and can increase engine performance by pairing it with a custom-built transfer case, giving you better traction and smoother driving. Basically, they give you a stronger drive and allow your vehicle to get better gas mileage.

Custom Driveshaft Quotes

Custom Driveshaft Give You The Ability To Compatibility Even More Vehicles

When you are looking for a custom driveshaft today, you will find that some of the largest, best brands exist in this market. Brakes, clutches, engine mounts, and more have also been offered along with custom driveshafts. Here at Custom Driveshaft Specialists, we offer exceptional value and quality service as well as proven performance from sought-after brands. Custom Driveshaft Company specializes in automotive equipment, specifically custom driveshafts that are designed to increase the performance of your vehicle. They cover the entire spectrum from performance upgrades for trucks to street rods and muscle cars.

Custom Driveshaft company has a wide range of horsepower motor adapters to choose from in order to maximize your car’s power. Currently, they boast over 30 different power ratios.

Benefits of a Custom Driveshaft

Taking the time for a custom driveshaft transformation can be worth it every time you get behind the wheel. A driveshaft is connected to your transmission and added weight makes the drive train dart around differently. So it is important that you should always get the transmission service on a regular basis as it prolongs the life of your car and also helps to improve your car’s fuel economy and reduces the potential for expensive repairs in the future. The custom driveshaft helps reduce drivetrain hop and roll, better balancing the engine under power.

A custom driveshaft is a great way to improve the performance of your vehicle. It can make your car more fuel-efficient and safer. The driving style that you typically use will largely affect whether or not Custom Driveshafts will work for your application, so evaluating your vehicle thoroughly is important. When a driveshaft is misaligned, it can have an effect on the vehicle’s performance. When the driveshaft is out of alignment, your car will start shaking uncontrollably and ultimately your car could lose its balance. As a consequence, the life of your car’s parts will be reduced when worn-out driveshafts are not replaced. A custom driveshaft is a common upgrade of the original factory-installed driveshaft. They are quickly installed, made with more durable material, and offer longer life. All these benefits can be seen in several areas, including overall performance, tire wear and tear, fuel efficiency, and many more. Most car manufacturers are working on designing vehicles for the future of transportation. One major area of improvement in the newer automobiles is the drivetrain. In order to achieve quicker acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, a lot of car manufacturers have introduced drivetrains that incorporate electric motors. The added benefit of a drivetrain with an electric motor is increased torque which in turn means faster acceleration.

Types of Custom Driveshafts

Custom driveshafts are designed to solve issues that may exist with your car and be compatible with your motor. These can include improvements in acceleration and fuel economy, but there’s nothing stopping you from using a custom driveshaft for increased performance. Many of these enhance driving dynamics in the motor and control axle assemblies, which can lead to less rotating mass options available to consumers through aftermarket manufacturers such as Hotchkis or Advance Adapters. Custom Driveshafts can offer you better performance by changing your car’s traction and handling, increasing its fuel efficiency, or even increasing its horsepower. There are three types of Custom Driveshafts to choose from caliper & slip joint, mid-link, and an L/J/K type. At Custom Driveshafts, we build custom drive shafts for your vehicle with the new style of the driveshaft. Our products consist of everything from saws for cutting your shaft to wheels to cover our product. We have successfully satisfied customers across North America in every major car market on both power plants and gasoline vehicles.

How does driving a custom driveshaft work?

Getting a custom driveshaft made is a way to dramatically increase the performance of your car. Most of the time, it’s not possible for a dealer to install one because there isn’t space for it in the engine bay. However, lots of dealers offer custom drive shafts that give you similar performance gain with less work. The installation process itself improves performance because if your undercarriage isn’t completely level, it’s harder to drive an all-wheel-drive vehicle. With just some bolts loosened on the existing driveshaft, the installer can make things fit better and drive as they should according to their standards. When used in a vehicle, a custom driveshaft helps increase performance by changing the maximum torque transfer available between the engine and the ground. When paired with an automatic transmission the custom driveshaft can reduce output shaft resistance, improving throttle response. Having your driveshaft professionally replaced is a cost-effective way to increase the performance of your motor and vehicle. The improvement in engine response will result in reduced wear and tear on your motor, which in turn works to maintain its performance. For motor vehicle owners, custom driveshafts are an easy way to increase the performance of their vehicles. When a driveshaft goes out, it can cause damage to other parts of the engine, as well as negatively affects fuel economy. Independent shops offer custom driveshaft services for all types of engines, even if a particular vehicle manufacturer does not sell customized parts for that model.


Custom Driveshaft manufactures a variety of driveshafts and driveshaft components. From the crappiest vehicle to perfection, our experienced team works hard to satisfy every customer. It is important that you come in to discuss what you are looking for with us so that we can find the perfect drive for your application!

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