Mary Cassatt’s Style of Drawing

American painter Mary Cassatt is most known for her paintings of mothers and children, which she did in a painterly Impressionist style. Her handling of line and color and painterly approach sets her apart from the more staid Academicians of her day.

Although Cassatt worked within the established genre of portraiture, her work possesses a distinctive style all her own. The colors she uses are soft, painting edges are definite. This can be seen in works such as “The Breakfast Table” (1894), where the broad, sure brushstrokes give the painting an overall sense of softness and warmth.

In contrast, works such as “Young Mother Sewing” (1880) demonstrate greater control, with crisper lines and more muted colors. Either way, Mary Cassatt’s style is instantly recognizable, making her one of the most iconic artists of the late 19th century.

The Child’s Bath

One of painter Mary Cassatt’s famous paintings is The Child’s Bath. The painter used random life situations in her painting and included the Japanese art style. In the painting, a woman is seen bathing her child. This painting was not typical then, making The Child’s Bath even more special. Mary Cassatt was known for her paintings that depicted real-life situations.

As a result, she could show the everyday moments that people often took for granted. The Child’s Bath is a beautiful painting that captures a special moment between a mother and her child. It is a reminder of the simple joys that can be found in everyday life.

Lilacs in a Window

One of the most famous paintings by painter Mary Cassatt is “Lilacs in a Window.” The oil on canvas painting dates back to the 1880s. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has the artwork on display. The naturality of the painting strikes the eye. The painter used lilacs to express affection in the painting.

The flowers also give off a sweet smell. The window in the painting allows natural light to come in, which makes the colors in the painting pop. The yellow and green leaves are also eye-catching. The painter used a light touch when painting the leaves, making them look floating.

Mother Playing with Child

Mary Cassatt lived in France for most of her adult life. Painter Cassatt was one of the handfuls of female artists who achieved widespread recognition during her lifetime. Her work is characterized by its intimate portrayal of the everyday lives of women and children. “Mother Playing with Child” is one of Mary Cassatt’s famous paintings.

The work captures a moment of tenderness between a mother and her child. The calmness and serenity of the scene are conveyed through the use of soft, pastel colors. You can learn about Mary Cassatt’s famous paintings by looking at them. Mary Cassatt’s “Mother Playing with Child” is a reminder of the powerful emotions that can be conveyed through art.

The painting served as an inspiration for Edgar Degas, who was one of Cassatt’s contemporaries. As a result, Degas created his series of paintings featuring mothers and children. These works are now considered among the finest examples of Impressionist art.

The Boating Party

“The Boating Party” is one of Mary Cassatt artworks that captures a moment of leisurely relaxation. The subdued colors and simple composition create a sense of calm, while the black figure of the man provides a stark contrast. The baby in pink is the central focus of the painting, and its small size makes it appear vulnerable and fragile.

The horizon line divides the painting into two distinct parts, with the sky above and the water below. This division symbolizes the different worlds that the mother and child inhabit. The mother is surrounded by other adults, while the child is alone in its little world. The painting conveys the tenderness and protectiveness of motherhood and childhood innocence.

Breakfast in Bed

“Breakfast in Bed” shows a mother and child enjoying a meal together. The painting is tender and intimate, conveying the deep bond between mother and child. The mother’s face is tired, but she tenderly looks at the child as if waiting for something. Sacrificing herself as a mother, the woman is the central theme of Cassatt’s paintings. While Cassatt is best known for her paintings, she was also a skilled draughtsman.

Her drawings provide a glimpse into her personal life and the everyday scenes that she observed. By studying Cassatt’s drawings, we can learn more about the artist and her unique vision of life, maternity, and womanhood. Studying Mary Cassatt’s drawings allows you to admire simple everyday scenes. Now the painting is in the Huntington Library and Art Collection in San Marino.

Final Thoughts

Mary Cassatt’s style is different and unique, relaxing with deep life teaching values. She would use pastels to bring out the infant’s natural colors in the painting. It is also important to note how she often used scenes from daily life to teach moral values.

In the case of The Child’s Bath, the mother is shown carefully washing her child with love and care. This leads us to the importance of cleanliness and caring for others. There are many other examples of how Cassatt’s art is both relaxing and life teaching. Cassatt’s art is calming and instructive, making it some of the most valuable art of its time.

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