Recent Updates of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a buzz in the 21st century. Every other person is talking about cryptocurrency. They are trying to find whether it is a good investment option or not. And the best part is with the recent developments around the globe; they are only becoming more and more popular. According to cryptocurrency statistics, there have been major developments in the crypto market in the past decade. The new regulations and more awareness about cryptocurrency are also grabbing the attention of small investors who previously used to think that crypto is not something of their taste. Due to some recent steps, cryptocurrency is getting much appreciation, and it is becoming vivid that crypto is here to stay.

Let us look at some of the major upheavals in the crypto world recently.

  1. Paypal allows its customers to use crypto for payment.   

Paypal announced in March 2021 that it has started allowing US consumers to pay millions of its online merchants internationally by using their cryptocurrency holdings. Now, the customers who hold virtual currencies in their digital wallets will be able to use their assets at checkout to make purchases. 

2. Tesla has started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Tesla made headlines for quite a time when it announced that it would start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Elon Musk has bravely accepted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies despite their high price volatility and associated solvency risks. Tesla will be holding the Bitcoin, which is used as payment. 

Tesla invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin to multiply the return on its cash in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Elon Musk is a recognized face in the business world. His acceptance and embracement towards cryptocurrency have sure given new dimensions to the way people used to think about cryptocurrency before.

3.’Visa’ will allow the use of cryptocurrency USD coin.

Visa, in late March 2021, announced that it would allow the use of cryptocurrency USD coin to settle transactions on its payment network. It will be a stable cryptocurrency whose value will be directly pinned to the US dollar. As part of an experimental program, the payments network will work with Anchorage, a digital-asset bank, and the platform.

4. The first Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) launched.

The world’s first Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in North America was approved and launched on February 18, 2021. The Exchange Traded Fund is owned by Purpose Investments, a Canadian investment firm.

These were a few updates about cryptocurrency. But they were enough to understand that the cryptocurrency market is only going to boom in the coming years and is having a bright future. 

If you are an enthusiast and want to channelize your funds, cryptocurrency is a great option to consider. The only requisite is to have in-depth knowledge about the market and different types of cryptocurrencies. If you are hunting for an online cryptocurrency course, we are here to make things easy for you. Check our website for more details about the course.

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