Relationship Between Technology and Religion

For centuries, religion has influenced politics, economics, and overall the daily lives of billions of people. Some experts therefore conclude that religion has also had a major influence on technology. On the other hand, critics express their doubts about the compatibility of these two fields. However, technology and the rise of the Internet do not only serve social media or entertainment like They can also be beneficial for religion.


The most obvious benefit is reaching out to people and explaining to them what religion is all about. Showing them that it is more than a “relic” from “times past.” That the institution reaches out to the youth as much as it does to the elderly. More importantly, better networking and the wide range of information may break down prejudices. Some associations have already established such with great success. It will teach the entire next generation to clean up with fears.

There should be no secrecy about sacred habits or Islam per se. People are more likely to research online or use online books to look something up than to go to a library or consult an institution directly.

Spiritual leaders would become more accessible to their community with a social media account or website. This would open up the entire community and make newcomers feel welcome and wanted.


In Canada, all major religions live peacefully side by side. However, a new trend is emerging, as it is in the rest of the developed world. Actually, it is not so new. Rituals such as attending a church or mosque or fasting seem to have become less popular for decades. However, Canadians seem to be more spiritual than their peers in the United Kingdom or France. Studies have shown that one in five Canadians attends services at least once a week, and 29% attend daily. Although the majority say they never or rarely pray, religion still holds some importance in their lives.

It is the sense of community and of togetherness which is attracting nowadays.


There are many ways to address this backdrop. The obvious dependency of the younger generation on the Internet makes it a perfect platform for promoting events at local mosques. It does not necessarily have to be advertising a holy service, but just a gathering talking about the Quran. This exchange about thoughts and emotions will bring the believers closer together. An achievement for every spiritual leader. The affinity of young people for technology opens up limitless possibilities for addressing precisely this target group.

A recent example of how new developments can be supportive was evident during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since get-togethers of any kind were banned, everything was moved online. Even Friday prayers. But because of this new format, worshipers did not have to feel lonely while practicing. The feeling of community, basic for a community, was preserved. 

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