Sip on This: 4 Tips on How to Pack Wine Glasses When Moving

Around 27 million Americans move homes each year, which explains why we’re constantly searching for tips on minimizing damage in transit.

Learning to pack wine glasses is essential for protecting your belongings and preventing a mess. But, if you don’t research tips, you could break your finest wine glasses in transit. Maybe it’s that concern that brought you here; you want to learn to pack wine glasses and need a nudge in the right direction.

Sounds like you? Luckily, we’ve got the answers. Here are four tips on how to pack wine glasses.

1. Assess Your Wine Glass Collection

Homeowners moving with wine glasses should examine their collection before packing. Take note of any cracks or marks so that you don’t wrongly accuse the moving company. You should also throw out ones that you no longer need or like to save space.

Ideally, donate old wine glasses to your loved ones or the local thrift store.

2. Gather Your Materials

Before you learn how to pack glassware, gather the right materials. At the very least, grab a box with glass dividers as these will prevent glasses from clashing and potentially breaking. If you can’t find any, grab bubble wrap or foam cushes instead.

3. Wrap Wine Glasses Individually

A top wine glass packing tip is wrapping each one individually. You can either use bubble wrap or paper to prevent collisions. Homeowners using packing paper should scrunch them into a ball and stuff each glass until it’s full.

You should wrap wine glasses like a burrito, tuck the paper’s ends at the bottom, and secure the ends with packing tape so that it stays intact.

4. Secure the Boxes

One of the top moving tips is securing the boxes. Many homeowners fall into the trap of using old boxes from past moves or items, but this is a major no-no. There’s a huge possibility that the box is less sturdy and even damaged, which will put your wine glass collection at risk.

When you’ve finished packing wine glasses, check that the bottom has been taped inside and out. If you’ve never done this before, make sure that the flaps are aligned and add three layers of packing tape to prevent it from opening mid-transit.

You should also add two layers of packing paper, as it’ll help distribute the weight. And don’t forget to label each box with “fragile” and write “wine glasses” so that people will handle your belongings with care.

But, to ensure your wine glasses transport well, it’s wise to hire a reputable moving company. If you’re unsure where to start your search, check out the following link.

How to Pack Wine Glasses

Hopefully, you’ll use these tips on how to pack wine glasses.

There are many tips to take on board, such as assessing your wine glasses and gathering your packing materials. Homeowners should also wrap each wine glass individually and carefully secure each box. Good luck with your move!

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