Skincare Technology: Which Devices Should You Add to Your Routine?

Up to 50 million Americans deal with acne on a yearly basis. Other people are worried about wrinkles and fine lines.

Whatever it is that you are worried about, changing your skincare routine can help you to reduce the problems. Nowadays, you can implement skincare technology into your routine to change how you view yourself and how you feel on a daily basis.

With the rise of skincare technology, there are so many more things you can accomplish in the comfort of your home.

If you are ready to change your basic skincare routine and make it one that you love doing every single day, then you need to keep reading! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about skincare technology that you should be using!

Moisture Detector

A moisture detector is a must in your skincare routine. This device tells you what your skin actually needs in terms of your routine.

This device is able to tell you if your skin is dehydrated. You then know what to do in order to improve your skin. Since most people tend to guess what their skin needs without actually knowing, this can harm it.

With a device, you would know what to do without overusing products or using ingredients that you shouldn’t.

Additionally, dry skin can lead to premature aging. By knowing if you test below a certain percentage, you can start changing your skincare routine steps to combat this.

My Skin Buddy All-in-One

Since skincare devices can be extremely expensive, getting one that has more than just one aspect to it can be a better bang for your buck.

For instance, the My Skin Buddy uses ultrasonic vibration, in care, LED therapy, and thermal heat therapy all in one.

These four components help to make skin look more refined and toned in just a few days.

Not only does it make your skin look better, but it also feels great! There are over 8,500 pulses per minute which give you a slight massage when you use it.

When you use it, it emits positive and negative ions.

Negative ions help products to penetrate your skin better. Positive ions help to pull impurities out from the skin.

In addition to the emittance of ions, there are also red, blue, and green LED lights as part of this device. The blue light can help to fight acne-causing bacteria.

The green light reduces redness and the red light improves wrinkles and fine lines in your skin.

By combining all of these different types of technology into one device, not only is your skincare routine easier, but you are getting a better bang for your buck.

Cleopatra LED Mask

The Cleopatra LED Mask is a mask that helps with light therapy as part of your skincare routine.

It is meant for your nighttime skincare routine for about 15 minutes per day. This is easy to do as part of your nighttime routine if you simply put it on while you watch TV or read a book before bed!

Light therapy can do wonders to your skin… everyone will be asking what you do on a daily basis to keep your skin looking so refined and youthful!

Gold Bar

You may be wondering what a gold bar has to do with skincare technology! How can a bar help your skin!?

Well, this specific gold bar vibrates 6,000 times per minute which leaves your face feeling contoured and smooth. You will noticeably feel a difference when you are done using it with your skincare routine.

Not only does it make your skin glow and look more beautiful, but it also releases tension in your jaw. It also increases circulation to your face and neck to help with blood flow and the lymphatic system.

Cleansing Brushes

Cleansing brushes are a great way to ensure that you are cleaning your skin thoroughly. The brush itself doesn’t have anything in it for the cleaning, but it allows the products you are using to more easily penetrate your skin.

This is a great thing to use if you suffer from acne.

There are many different types of cleansing brushes on the market, so it is just about finding one that works for you. You may like a larger one, or you may prefer to have a smaller one that you can just put between your fingers.

Face Wand

This face wand can help with lymphatic flow and overall circulation in your face. This helps your skin to be healthier because it gets the blood flowing as well as lymph.

Not only does it help with the blood flow and the lymph system, but it also is a massage device. It can decrease edema and puffiness so make your skin look less tired and more youthful when you add it to your skincare routine.

Droplette Micro-Infuser

Nowadays, many of us use different serums on our face as part of our skincare routine morning and night. This is because of the many benefits that skin serums can bring.

From Vitamin C to a specific toner, there are so many different serums to use. And each one has its own benefits.

The Droplette Micro-Infuser changes serums into micromists that penetrate deeply into the skin. The droplets that are put into the device turn into tiny microscopic droplets that mist onto your face. The fast speed of the infuser and the small size means that it can easily get under your skin.

Pore Extractor

If you suffer from acne, a pore extractor is a great device to use to help your skin clear the breakouts. It works by exfoliating the skin.

In addition to exfoliating, the device also works to deeply cleanse your skin. It eliminates dirt, debris, and oil that can eventually make their way into your pores to clog your skin. This leads to breakouts.

Instead, the device gets rid of those things to reduce the number of breakouts that you experience. Additionally, it sloughs off dead skin cells so that your skin is constantly turning over to be more youthful and healthier.

So how exactly do you use the pore extractor?

There are vibrations as part of the device that help to get rid of the debris on your clogged pores. It basically does an extraction with the vibration rather than an actual extraction that an aesthetician may do when you get a facial.

The extractor works by scraping your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. Then, the cleanser can more easily penetrate your skin and get into your pores without the clogged pores still being there.

Although the pore extractor is great for acne, it is also great for dry and dehydrated skin as well since it helps products get deeper into your pores.

Because there are two modes as part of this device, you can start with extract mode and then switch to the infuse mode after. This will give you the best results for your skincare.

Foreo Espada

The Foreo Espada is a blue light device. It is a bit cheaper than some of the other devices on here, so if you suffer from acne, this may be a great starter device to add to your skincare routine.

It is portable, waterproof, and pain-free, so it is the perfect device to bring with you wherever you go – at home or on your travels!

Although light and compact, it still gets the job done of using t-sonic pulsations to increase blood circulation and cell turnover to help with acne as well.

Facial Toning Device

The mini facial toning device uses a microcurrent technology that helps to tone and tighten your face muscles. It also reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

This is the perfect device to add to your nighttime skin routine to help with toning and making your skin look tighter and more rejuvenated.

Massaging Beauty Roller

A beauty roller is one of the best things that you can use and add to your skincare routine. Many of these massage rollers can help with lymphatic drainage to help reduce the look of puffiness in your face and under your eyes.

This will also help to create a more sculpted look to your face when you add it to your routine.

When you use a beauty roller, you are getting many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Improves lymphatic flow and drainage of lymphatic fluid
  • Improves blood flow to your face
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Cools and soothes skin
  • Provides relaxation to the muscles in your face
  • Reduces stress
  • Distributes skincare ingredients more evenly to help with your skincare routine

This beauty roller can be used in the morning or at night!

If you want to take it a step further, you can put the roller into the fridge or freezer to make it colder and wake up your skin.

Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool

Microneedling is great for helping your skin look tighter and making your pores look smaller.

It can also help break up acne scarring and lighten hyperpigmentation that may be present in your skin. It helps with your skin texture and overall appearance.

Many people have to go to see an aesthetician in order to get the microneedling done. However, that isn’t the case with new technology and tools that can help you do this at home in a safe way!

High-Frequency Acne Device

If you struggle with acne, you’ll definitely want to learn more about this acne device. This facial wand uses argon gas-filled electrodes and sends them into the skin.

What exactly does this do? What is it for?

The gas and electrodes going into your skin kill bacteria that cannot survive. this can kill off acne-causing bacteria on your skin to prevent more acne breakouts.

In addition to helping with acne, it also helps to plump your skin. When it plumps, it reduces the inflammation and redness that you may be experiencing from the acne itself.

As an important note, it’s important to remember to use this device when you are first having a breakout. This is when it is most helpful, although it can help at all times.

Microdermabrasion Device

Most people choose to go see an aesthetician to deal with treating hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is caused by many different factors. It could be caused by hormonal changes or inflammation within the body, or from previous trauma that you have dealt with.

If you use the wrong tool, it can actually make the pigmentation in your skin worse. You have to make sure you use the right tools to deal with hyperpigmentation to make it better.

Before choosing a microdermabrasion device, it is best to talk to a dermatologist to make sure you choose the right one to improve acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Skincare Technology You Need to Add to Your Routine

There are so many different types of skincare technology devices that you can add to your skincare routine.

You may want to change your acne and get rid of it. You may want to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Or, you may have dark spots or hyperpigmentation that you want to get rid of.

Whatever it is, adding more technology to your skincare routine can make all the difference in your skin.

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