The Process of Filling and Sealing Urn Necklaces for Memorial Keepsakes

An urn necklace, filled with the ashes, is a beautiful reminder of the happy times spent with the departed one. The closeness to the person’s last remains does not let their presence fade away in our lives. As intricate and meaningful as these necklaces are, so is the delicacy of their making process. The two important aspects of this process are filling and sealing, in which,  a small portion of the ashes is filled into a small metal container, a lookalike of a necklace, and sealed to keep ashes secured against spill out. For the rest detailing of the urn necklace for ashes, read along.

Gathering Supplies

Collecting the necessary supplies is the first step in the delicate process of filling and sealing urn necklaces. These supplies include a locket necklace, a funnel, a sealant, and a pair of tweezers. 


Preparing the workspace is crucial to ensure that the process is carried out in a clean and organized environment. This reflects the respect and care one should have when dealing with the remains of a loved one.

Ashes or Memorial Items

The choice of whether to use ashes or other memorial items is a deeply personal one. If using ashes, they should be properly prepared to ensure they can be easily and smoothly placed into the urn necklace. This step highlights the significance of the material being used in the process.

Filling the Urn Necklace

This step involves great care and precision. The small funnel and toothpick are essential tools in delicately transferring the ashes or memorial items into the necklace’s chamber. The repetition of this process, until the necklace is adequately filled, demonstrates the meticulousness required.

Sealing the Urn Necklace

Sealing the urn necklace is where the process reaches its critical point. Ensuring that the necklace is securely closed is not only practical but also symbolic of preserving the memory of the departed loved one. The caution against overtightening emphasizes the need to balance security with the ability to reopen the necklace when desired.

Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning and polishing the necklace are essential to maintain its appearance and beauty. This step is a reminder of the respect and care one should continue to show to the memorial keepsake.

Final Inspection

The last check ensures that the necklace has been properly sealed. Any gaps or flaws would diminish the necklace’s integrity and significance as a memento. This step emphasizes the attention, to detail needed throughout the process.

Personalized Touch

Adding a touch like engraving allows for customization of the urn necklace. It transforms it from a keepsake into a tribute to the departed loved one.


The importance of checks and proper maintenance highlights the longevity of the urn necklace as a keepsake. Avoiding exposure to conditions and chemicals is crucial in preserving its integrity.


Filling and sealing an urn necklace for a keepsake is a process that requires careful attention to detail. It is vital to select materials, such, as a locket necklace and reliable sealant to ensure that the ashes remain secure. Proper care must be taken once the necklace is filled and sealed to ensure both its security and longevity while preserving its condition.

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