These are the top 6 silicone iPhone 14 Pro Max Back Covers to check out!

Tired of searching for a good silicone cover for your iPhone 14 Pro Max? Maybe these are the covers you wish you’d known earlier! Matching with the glamorous style of iPhone 14 Pro Max, these back covers are just the right fit. We have explored a list of premium iPhone cases in India and noted down only those who felt so unique to us. They all offer better protection and don’t allow yellowing over time.

1.   BharatCase offers the best silicone case

BharatCase offers anti-yellowing iPhone 14 Pro Max covers that are transparent, use genuine silicone, and are extremely flexible in structure. These covers have raised bezels to ensure that you never lose grip and the phone doesn’t accidentally slip from your hand. Your iPhone 14 Pro Max will look like a pretty glass-engraved structure with this cover, it has such shine and transparency! This cover by BharatCase is a complete package: it has airbag protection as well as doesn’t block the lens for capturing spectacular photos.

Reasons to buy

  • Has anti-fall airbag property to save a phone from falling from great heights. This is a unique feature as it instantly protects the cover if the phone accidentally drops.
  • The cover is made of high-quality silicone. This blocks off quick yellowing and makes the cover completely durable in the long run.
  • Offers a 100% free delivery
  • No cost is charged for the replacement of the cover
  • Anti-fingerprint property is a great benefit that comes with this cover
  • Complete eco-friendly case
  • Transparent silicone covers to show off Apple’s brand logo

2.   Silicone case by Apple

Apple provides several silicone premium iPhone cases in India, all in various colours and with better durability. These covers are designed by Apple designers and have a feeling of soft touch which feels like touching a satin cloth. They come with an inside layering of microfibre, that maximizes the phone’s protection. Moreover, these types of cases are tested for hours for durability. The 14 pro max covers by Apple also support wireless charging, which is a bonus. The cases have been tested from great heights to measure the ability to absorb damage. These covers come in a variety of colours, and Apple offers free delivery.

Reasons to buy

  • Has high brand value because it was designed by Apple
  • Has built-in magnets
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Has a soft premium touch

3.   Daily Objects has this unique silicone cover

This case by Daily Objects is a bit different. It has a raised bezel, offers a complete protective casing, and has a 3-layer protection. Let’s know this 3-layer protection system. This simply means the silicone iPhone 14 Pro Max cover case has liquid silicone protection on the outside, a central polycarbonate finish and the inside has a microfiber lining. Rest assured that this 3-layer will guard your iPhone 14 Pro Max from all accidents! Also, they make liquid silicone covers to prolong cover flexibility.

Reasons to buy

  • Supports wireless charging
  • Has a raised bezel for unique protection
  • MagSafe ring attached
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint supported

4.   Peek at Peeperly silicone case!

If you’re looking for a padded silicone case for your Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, check out this cover by Peeperly. The entire case is made with silicone and offers a nice padded type style, which is good for sweaty palms. The good thing is that most Indian customers have positively voted for this case. Many worry about the side buttons not working properly if a case is installed, but no need to worry about the Peeperly case. This brand has been selling premium iPhone cases in Indiafor a long time, which adds to its experience with Indian customers.

Reasons to buy

  • Offers quicker delivery in 4 days
  • Offers five variants
  • Uses a padded style that is highly comfortable for grip

5.   Best buy at Maple

Another case that has a completely soft touch feel. This case has a completely silky feeling, and this one also has built-in magnet features. You can charge your phone with this case, so if you’re looking for a good quality 14 Pro Max cover, you can check this one out. Maple also has partnered with Apple for reselling covers, so this cover feels quite similar to the original cases sold by Apple. The colour variant is high, and it usually takes 3-5 working days for Maple to deliver these cases.

Reasons to buy

  • Has a free shipping facility
  • Offers 1-year warranty
  • Has a magnet attached

6.   Pure silicone black case by Ringke

Many people would love to have a complete black silicone iPhone 14 Pro Max cover case. Ringke markets a slim and dust-resistant silicone case that looks and feels premium. This one also has a 3-layer protection and offers additional protection by raised bezels. The total design looks sleek and has advanced protection for blocking off all tiny dust entering the phone’s inner chamber.

Reasons to buy

  • The cut-out is completely to the point and precise
  • Offers super easy installation
  • Doesn’t make the phone stocky
  • Doesn’t block the buttons and offers an easy navigation system


Now that we’ve presented all the top iPhone 14 Pro Max back covers, it’s now who has to decide from this attractive list? Each case chosen by us has some unique features, which are either the premium feel or the durability. Our choice of covers is also based on public reviews, delivery time, and cost. Considering all these, we had to filter out many cases to fit your search criteria and deliver the best results for you.

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