Top 3 Best Value TV Service Providers in the US

The TV industry is essentially evolving. We have come a long way from the grainy TV shows to ultra HD TV feeds. First, it was the evolution of satellite TV and types, and then from there on out the idea for TV spread like a bushfire, giving birth to the idea of cable connectivity. Now as cable-connected TV blossoms, digital TV and streaming services are slowly becoming the new norm. The advancement continues every single day. And with a market as great as the entirety of the United States, the possibilities for growth are endless.

The TV service industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today. There is so much to offer and there are plenty of providers in the US that do just that. Xfinity and Spectrum are kinds of the main leads but there are plenty of other options too. In this article, we discuss some of the best value packages for TV services in the States and what providers we can count on for it.

  1. Xfinity 

Xfinity by Comcast is one of the largest internet and TV providers in the US. It offers great value for its plans and hence ends up being the crowd favorite most of the time. Xfinity has high-speed internet connections to offer but what really makes it shine through the fog like a beacon of light, are its TV packages. Xfinity TV packages are in a class of their own a place where quality and affordability meet and coexist in serenity.

Xfinity has several TV plans to offer to its subscribers. There are basic plans that are extremely economical and there are also a bit pricier options. These come with premium channels, a bigger lineup, and other benefits. For the sake of ease, we have outlined these packages below so you can decide what plan works best for you.

Xfinity TV PlanNo. of channelsSample channelsPricing
Choice10+ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS$20/month*
Popular125+FX, TLC, ESPN, TBS$60/month*
Ultimate200+NFL, NBA TV, Disney$80/month*

*With no term agreement. Paperless billing and auto-pay is required

The sample channels mentioned here are just some of the examples of the kind of lineup you get. With Xfinity Choice, the number of channels may be limited but you get all the basic channels that are fun and cover all genres. With Xfinity Popular and Ultimate, you get a greater channel lineup that is fun and interesting, not to mention with premium channels there to entertain you too.

With X1 TV of Xfinity, you can also customize your Xfinity experience by creating kid zones, Sports zone, and adding on any premium or international content you may want. There is a lot to do with Xfinity and you get great value for your packages. If you want to make your experience the best without any hiccups along the way, we suggest bundling services together to get Xfinity Double Play and Triple Play. It is definitely worth every penny!

  • Spectrum

Spectrum is an internet service provider but like most others in the industry, offers phone and TV services too. Spectrum is one of the top TV service providers in the States that has a lot to offer for the price it has. Spectrum TV plans are convenient and have a great lineup. Unlike most providers in the US, Spectrum knows how to take care of their Latinx/Hispanic users too.

Spectrum has several plans for Spanish-speaking audiences with premium channels and featured content. One of the best things about getting Spectrum TV plans is that Spectrum will essentially buy out your current contract up to USD 500. This is enough to cover your early termination fee and is the reason why Spectrum continues to be such a hit with the crowds.

Spectrum also takes the cake due to its no-contract policy. With Spectrum, you can say goodbye to long contracts that bind you to the provider for a year or so. Spectrum is extremely confident in its services and this no-contract option hits a home run with a huge number of people.

Spectrum gives you international programming and has quite a few premium channels in the lineup so you don’t have to pay for them separately.

We have outlined some of the most popular Spectrum TV plans below. You can browse through the list before you decide what exactly to get.

Spectrum TV PlansNo. of channelsPricing
Select125+ All local channels$49.99/month*
Silver175+ local + premium$79.99/month*
Gold200+ Local and premium$99.99/month*

*For the first 12-months. Pricing may vary after the first year and region to region

Spectrum also gets you a TV app with your subscription through which you can access live channels even on the go. There are thousands of on-demand titles to watch and with live channels thrown in the mix too, life sure is perfect. Spectrum ensures that all members of your household are adequately entertained. You get a ton of value over other service providers with all that Spectrum offers. In

  • TDS

TDS may have had humble beginnings in Wisconsin in 1969, but has come a long way from there. A small internet service provider as TDS started, today it serves millions of households across the US. It is particularly famed in the rural and suburban districts where it provides quality services. TDS now provides internet, phone as well as TV services to a modest part of the US. It is one of the more mellowed out, economical services out there as you will see. It is perfect if you have to make do with a limited budget.

TDS TV plans are of two types. The first type is the TDS TV plans that have the most basic channels plus some premium channels and come in three tiers.  The other pack is the TDS TV+ plans and has an interesting lineup of both HD premium and international channels. You get most of the basic local channels and so much more to help round off your day.

TDS gives you access to a decent DVR that you can use to record live shows, up to 10 shows simultaneously. The voice remote that comes with the subscription is quite nice with all functions you can control through voice commands if you please.

TDS TV plans are simple and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, you can cancel within the month if you do not like the service without any repercussions. TDS TV plans for the basic type are given below. Pricing varies from location to location so you will have to check in with what is available at your address.

TDS TV PlanChannel lineup
Freedom125+ channels (local and sports)
Expanded135+ channels (Disney, ESPN, more)
Expanded Plus190+ channels (NFL, Cooking channel)

Wrapping up This Party…

The US has multiple service providers for internet and TV, littered across the nation. However, there is only a handful that gives you good value with your pricing plans. Most of the other providers are either too expensive or do not give you enough services with your plan. Either way Xfinity, Spectrum, and TDS get the memo and get the job done well. Not only do you get pricing plans that seem adequate, but you also get a ton of services and hence maximum value with your TV plans.

After all, good, easy and affordable entertainment should be available to everyone, won’t you agree?

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