Upgrade Your Craft: Top Accessories for Paper Crafting Machines

Paper crafting is a pursuit that offers opportunities for creativity and self expression. Whether you’re a crafter or just starting out incorporating the accessories can elevate your paper crafting projects to new heights. 

This comprehensive guide will delve into the accessories designed for paper crafting machines enabling you to enhance your craft and unleash your potential. 

Exploring the World of Paper Crafting Machines

Before we dive into the accessories it’s important to grasp the role that paper crafting machines play. 

These innovative machines have revolutionized the field of paper crafting by automating and simplifying tasks that were once time consuming. 

They possess capabilities such as cutting, embossing, scoring and even drawing on paper surfaces. 

Some popular variants of these machines include die cutting machines, embossing machines and electronic cutting machines.

Let’s explore some accessories that can enrich your crafting experience.

1. Cutting Mats and Plates

Cutting mats and plates are additions for paper crafting machines. They serve as surfaces for your projects while ensuring precise cuts.

Cutting mats are designed to be durable and withstand cuts without showing signs of wear and tear. 

2. A Range of Cutting Blades and Tips

Many paper crafting machines available on CRAFTNCREATE offer cutting blades and tips giving you the flexibility to work with materials such as lightweight paper, heavy cardstock, fabric and more. 

Fine point blades are perfect for designs while deep cut blades can handle materials. Additionally, scoring and embossing tips can add depth and texture to your projects.

3. Embossing Folders

Embossing is a technique used in paper crafting and having folders is essential for creating beautifully textured designs. 

These folders are typically made of plastic or metal. Have raised patterns that create raised or recessed areas on your paper when passed through a machine. 

4. Precise Tweezers and Pick Tools

When dealing with intricate pieces in your paper crafting projects, precise tweezers and pick tools become tools for precision work.

These tools are designed to make it easier to handle embellishments, cut out pieces or gems, with adhesive backing. 

5. Mats and Adhesive Sheets

Sticky mats and adhesive sheets are essential for keeping your materials in place while cutting or embossing. 

They ensure that your paper or fabric doesn’t move or slide resulting in accurate cuts. These adhesive options are typically gentle on your materials leaving no residue or causing damage to your projects.

6. Scoring Tools and Styluses

Scoring is a technique used to create folds in paper crafting projects like greeting cards, envelopes or 3D paper structures. 

Scoring tools and styluses come in designs ranging from bone folders to attachments for paper crafting machines. 

7. Pens and Markers, for Drawing and Writing

For electronic cutting machines that have drawing and writing capabilities it’s essential to have a collection of pens and markers. 

These accessories enable you to add hand drawn designs, personalized messages or calligraphy to your projects.

8. Rolling Bags and Storage Solutions

Keeping your paper craft materials organized is vital for a stress free crafting experience. 

Rolling bags and storage solutions designed specifically for crafters help you maintain order by ensuring that your tools, accessories and supplies are well organized and easily accessible. 

9. Magnetic Mats and Rulers

Magnetic mats and rulers are incredibly useful for keeping your paper and materials in place while cutting or measuring. 

The magnetic surface securely holds your projects in position allowing for alignment during cuts. Additionally magnetic rulers serve as straightedges and guides to ensure measurements.

10. Die Storage and Organization

If you incorporate dies into your paper crafting projects it’s essential to have storage solutions for them. 

Die storage accessories help you keep your dies organized making it effortless to find the design for each project. 

11. Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining the cleanliness of your paper crafting machine is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Special cleaning tools, like brushes and lint rollers are helpful in removing debris and stray paper fibers from the cutting and embossing mechanisms of your machine.

12. Adequate Lighting for Your Workspace

Having lighting is crucial for comfortable crafting. You might want to consider adding LED desk lamps or task lighting to your crafting area. 

Proper lighting reduces eye strain. Ensures that you can clearly see all the details of your projects.

13. Aprons and Smocks for Crafting

To keep your clothes clean and free from ink stains while you’re crafting it’s an idea to invest in a crafting apron or smock.

Craft specific aprons often come with pockets for holding tools and small materials making everything easily accessible.

14. Tools for Applying Heat

Heat tools like heat guns and embossing heat tools are essential when using heat embossing techniques. 

They help melt embossing powders to create raised metallic effects on your paper projects. A high quality heat tool provides controlled heat, for looking results.

15. Crafting Software and Design Applications

If you use electronic cutting machines, crafting software and design apps can be resources. 

These tools enable you to create and personalize your designs, import images and fonts well as send your projects directly to the cutting machine.

16. Magazines and Books, on Paper Crafting

To stay inspired and well informed in the world of crafting consider subscribing to paper crafting magazines or investing in books that offer tutorials, project ideas and insights from crafters. 

These resources can provide you with ideas. 

Choosing the Perfect Add ons for Your Crafting

When deciding on add ons for your paper crafting machine take into account your crafting style, the types of projects you love creating and the machines you own. 

Your specific requirements and preferences will shape the add ons that will be most beneficial to your craft.

Before making a purchase it’s advisable to read product reviews and seek recommendations from crafters. 


Elevating your craft with the add ons for your paper crafting machine can elevate your projects to levels. 

Whether you’re focused on cutting, embossing, drawing or any other crafting technique these addons are designed to enrich your experience and assist you in achieving professional quality outcomes.

Investing in high quality accessories for paper crafting machines can significantly enhance your process. Not will it streamline your crafting projects. 

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