One of the avenues of daily living that the pandemic’s onset most significantly affected was travel. Necessary lockdowns and border closures have rendered the last three years an exercise in patience. Therefore world travellers, frequent flyers, adventurers and even the curious have had to learn to deal with extended periods of grounding. However, the good news is that the wanderers need no longer suffer. Australia’s borders are open, along with most other countries globally, and it is time to rediscover the joys of travel.

While the enforced period of travel restrictions was in place, one advantage presented itself: the chance to save and accumulate more airline points. So, if you put your savvy and extensive knowledge of how airline points work to good use, you may now find that you have built up enough points to splurge on a trip where you can enjoy the best that the world has to offer.

As a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program, you are one of 14 million people with a stockpile of points burning a hole in your pocket. Consequently, it is time to learn how to make the best use of the valuable points you hold and ensure you can maximise the perks available to you.

So, keep reading the guide below for how beginners can use Qantas points to unlock various travel benefits that will enhance your next travel experience.


The Flying Kangaroo is making every effort to coax Australians back into the friendly skies by expanding the variety of points redemption opportunities and incentives available to its members. Consequently, this is the ideal time to trade your stashed points for unique and outstanding travel experiences. For example, Qantas, in conjunction with its frequent-flier partners, has reduced the total points requirements for Classic Flight Rewards. Now, members wishing to take advantage of this redemption program need 30% fewer points than before. On the other hand, you can enjoy 45% more purchasing power when using Points Plus Pay for Qantas Hotels and Holidays. Taking advantage of these bonuses puts you firmly in the multitude of travellers who are clamouring to enjoy these benefits.

In addition to travel package purchases, you can now enjoy a journey steeped in the height of luxury aboard the Qantas’ A380. The airline is reviving its first-class service on this iconic aircraft early this year. Therefore, you can maximise your frequent flier membership by travelling on round-the-world airfares offering more kick. However, Qantas’ First and Business Class Classic Rewards opportunities are strictly limited, so you cannot delay snatching up your ticket.

If you have concerns about your return ticket upgrade capabilities, then fret no more. You can opt to upgrade a single leg of your journey if your points cannot stretch far enough to cover the outbound and inbound flights. This option is convenient if you plan to take a long-haul flight. An upgrade to first or business class can significantly improve how you feel once you get to your destination.

You can visit the airline’s website for more information about the airfare deals available for points conversion into travel miles. While you are there, you may also take the time to use Qantas’ upgrade calculator to determine how many points will open the doors to the luxe and mysterious world of Business and First Class.

Closer Getaways

Conversely, suppose you prefer to keep your travels a little closer to home for the time being while avoiding points expiries. In that case, you may always opt to exchange them for complete getaway packages within more proximal locales. In this case, you may consider, in addition to your flight, booking your accommodation using Airbnb and Qantas’ accommodation partners or reserving transportation through car hires across New Zealand and Australia. Alternatively, you can use your points without leaving home by shopping for various products, including food and wine.

Your Qantas points are the keys to the world. So as you plan your next adventure, make sure that you keep all the most efficient hacks for points redemption at the forefront to get the best on offer.

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