If you want to get popular on YouTube then you better figure out the answer to the question – “What is the best time to upload videos on YouTube?” All these websites have channels and profiles that thrive on only one thing – engagement. So you better get your schedule to gain the most engagement from all your videos. You may research a bit of your competitors schedule and content types. If you find some of your colleague’s videos fascinating then it can be a good idea to download them for future reference. If you are wondering how to download YouTube videos on mobile & desktop, there are many ways to download videos. So, nothing to worry about downloading. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for videos and acts as a search engine too. Many people flock towards it for their queries or even just for entertainment purposes. The website has given rise to content creators who have diverse ideas about videos, making the platform a hub for marketing. You can buy real YouTube views as well to get some additional help to stay ahead of your competition.

In this article, we will tell you how to take advantage of the online studies and figure out the best time to upload videos for your channel. You will be able to convert your video viewers into subscribers very soon if you follow the advice you see below accurately.

  • Frederator Networks, an online agency, has compiled its research on the best time to upload videos on YouTube and realized the following data to be true:

    Mondays 2-4 pm
    Tuesdays 2-4 pm
    Wednesdays 2-4 pm
    Thursdays 12 -3 pm
    Fridays 12 -3 pm
    Saturdays 9 am-11 am
    Sundays 9 am-11 am

They also say that Thursdays and Fridays are the best times to post as the weekend is drawing closer. 

  • Many people watch YouTube videos during the peak hours or television but uploading a little before those timings gives you an edge to get noticed by the viewer earlier too. 
  • The Creator dashboard on YouTube can give you a bunch of analytics that you can utilize to understand where your viewers are coming from. Their timeline will help you realize is the best time to upload a video, as it is one of the biggest factors. 
  • Installing an extension like Tube Buddy can help you interpret the data and give you a direct hit under the best time to publish option. If your channel is small you may not see much data, because this usually works on the larger channels. But there is no reason to lose hope, by following the other strategies we mentioned you are sure to be able to use this tool soon.
  • Conducting polls might be a great way to know when the audience wants the videos to be uploaded. You can ask them their preferred timings and work around that schedule to gain more engagement. Interacting with the audience is also a great way to keep them in the loop about the upcoming events and changes you plan to make to your channel.
  • At first, you have no reason to fret about the upload time, because you need an audience initially. For this, you can buy YouTube views, which will give a boost to your channel and help you gain some credibility in the field.
  • Boosted is a website that has conducted studies on this matter too. They say that while most YouTube users are from the US, other countries like India, China, UK, Russia, and Brazil have significant markets as well. The highest engagement rates have been recorded at weekends, so they recommend the uploading of videos during those days.
  • Edgy Views says that the uploading should be done during weekdays between 2 and 4 pm CST or EST. They also recommend uploading earlier to give your videos time to be indexed, so that they can rank on Google too.
  • How Socialable says that the best times to upload are usually late afternoons, as people are finishing up their work by now and getting ready to spend their free time. They also say that Thursdays and Fridays are probably the best days to put up a video on your channel.
  • Advertising rates fluctuate too, apparently, they are the lowest from Wednesday to Saturday. Holiday seasons can affect these statistics, prices usually go up during Christmas and New Year’s while May and June are much cheaper. 
  • Misfit Hustler tells you to upload your videos two hours before the prime time of your channel. You can figure out your prime time by going to the dashboard and looking over the graphs to see when your viewers are the most active. You can also post a day earlier, usually, the first two days of posting a video are the busiest ones.
  • Know who your target audience is, and then you can even take the help of external websites to see how you can convert your video viewers into subscribers by utilizing the strategies they mention. They can also help you understand the data behind your analytics so that you don’t have to do the grunt work but can still get all the benefits.

Conclusion: YouTube has a great fan base that you can tap into very easily. By promoting your channel across other social media platforms you can gain more viewers. You also have the option to buy YouTube views to get ahead in the game. It is equally important to have amazing content on your channel that can attract viewers, so you better get some ideas for that too. Keep churning out content and schedule the uploading in a way that the timings act as a catalyst for your growth.