What Odoo Can Do For Your Business!

It is a bit of a funny-sounding name at first, but once you understand what Odoo is and all that it can do for you, it takes on a musical kind of charm to the tune of profits for your business! Odoo is a comprehensive, all-in-one business management software that provides a vast range of applications that include sales and purchase management, human resources management, inventory management, accounting and a whole lot more!

The success of Odoo has been resounding, with a range of companies from small businesses to large corporations embracing its versatile and incredibly useful range of features in an intuitive interface, all designed to make it easily accessible to end users and administrators alike! Whenever the software undergoes improvements you can easily use their Odoo upgrade service in Australia and New Zealand so your Odoo will have all the great new features. Odoo offers not just standard accounting software, but the ability to run an entire company from your desktop! Let’s take a closer look at what it can do for your business!

You can use Odoo to help you manage your business and run its daily operations more efficiently. There are two versions of the software available, the Open Source and Enterprise Editions. Open Source Odoo is offered free to everyone, it contains all the features that are necessary to manage your business. Enterprise Odoo has an expanded system that has additional features like higher security and the ability to sync with other useful business software.

Either version of Odoo is usable in three different ways:

    • Desktop App – Odoo runs on both Windows and Mac, but using it with Windows requires Windows Server, a rather expensive license that you would need to pay for. It also runs on open-source Linux, making it extremely accessible to a very wide range of users.

    • Web App – Odoo runs as a web application through your browser. You can use it with all the major browsers like Google Chrome, which is the recommended choice, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

    • Mobile Device App –  Odoo can run on both the Android and iOS mobile operating systems so you can use Odoo on the go from anywhere you happen to be, any time you need to!

Odoo’s comprehensive interface allows you to manage orders, create new products or services, record expenses and mileage, as well as track the time you spend on your business’s projects. In other words, it does everything one might need to keep a business running efficiently!

Getting started with Odoo is incredibly easy, all you have to do is create an account, then install the software on your preferred device format with the help of our dedicated team, who will also walk you through the process of getting set up using the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you have installed Odoo on your mobile device or computer our team will ask you a few questions about your business to help build an organizational chart based in your personnel and their positions.

Odoo is one of the most advanced and comprehensive business software available today, give it a try, it’s free!

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