Why Southeast Asian Couples Choose Singapore for Their Wedding

We live in a digital world and air travel is usually taken for granted; whether across the other side of the world or right next door, you can fly direct to your destination. More couples than ever are tying the knot at a foreign destination and in Southeast Asia, Singapore is at the top of the list, largely due to its rich culture and modern architecture perfectly blended with colonial styles.

Great backdrops

There’s nothing to compare with Singapore when the sun goes down, shimmering lights on the waterfront, classy resorts and hotels; by booking one of the best wedding venues in Singapore, you are right in the centre of the action. Bathe in the cool light of the large water fountains and if you plan on a themed wedding, a top-rated wedding venue has you covered.

Combine your honeymoon

Where better to relax and enjoy those precious few weeks than Singapore? When we can forget about the daily pressures of life and enjoy each other’s company as you both prepare for married life. If you book early, there are some great deals to be had and hotels offer attractive honeymoon packages, so when your guests fly home, you can stay in a tropical paradise for another couple of weeks.

Full range of amenities

Top-rated Singapore hotels and resorts have all the amenities you could possibly need for your wedding reception and some! Themed weddings are easily arranged when the venue is a popular one, as they have acquired all the necessary features for a top-class wedding party. Whether an outdoor event of using one of their special ballrooms, you can be sure of the very best of service when you hire a top-rated venue. Click here for tips on choosing a holiday destination.

Marrying a local girl

Many Westerners marry a local Singaporean lady, therefore they prefer a traditional style wedding, which is in line with her family’s beliefs and values. Western men find Asian women very attractive and after a few visits, many are happy to relocate and set up a small business to derive an income. Some decide to retire at the same time as their marriage, starting a new life in the tropical paradise that is Singapore.

Entrepreneur couples

It is not uncommon for young digital nomads to choose Singapore as their ideal wedding destination and who could blame them? Start with online research into top hotels and resorts, then browse the many websites until you find the perfect venue. If you and your soulmate love Singapore and even if you have already married, you might like to renew your vows and there is no better place to get married than wonderful Singapore.

There is so much to see and do in this amazing country and with many top-class hotels, you can arrange and plan the perfect wedding and reception.

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