Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter: What Should You Include?

Timeshare cancellations used to be relatively simple. You will send your letter and wait for an answer. Let’s face it: your odds were pretty good that you would get at least some kind of refund in return.

But things have changed. As more people enter into timeshare agreements, the companies have become more wary of allowing dissatisfied customers to leave.

If you have already gone through the process of canceling a timeshare and received no refund, you are probably thinking about writing a cancellation letter.

But what should you include in your timeshare cancellation letter? Keep reading to learn all about these things. 

Your Contact Information

The rental company will first see your contact information, so make sure it’s correct and easy to find. Begin with your full name, then your street address, city, state, and ZIP code from that address.

For quick contact, it’s important to include your phone number. If you have an email address, also include that. If you have this information, the timeshare company can quickly confirm that you are the account user and handle your request. 

Recipient’s Information

After giving your name, address, and phone number, address the letter to the timeshare company or group you want to cancel. Put the official name and address of the company in a visible place below your contact information.

Speaking directly to the person or department in the company that handles cancellations is polite if you know their name. This human touch can sometimes help get your request processed faster. A general salutation like “To Whom It May Concern” is fine if you’re unsure or there isn’t a specific contact. This will make sure your letter gets to the right area.

Subject Line

The subject line is like the title of your letter; it tells the reader exactly what the letter is for. This line should be short and immediately relate to what the letter is about. A good subject line for a request to stop a timeshare would be “Formal Request for Timeshare Cancellation” or “Cancellation of Timeshare Agreement.”

A good subject line lets the person who receives your email know right away what your message’s main purpose is, making it easier for them to sort and handle your request quickly. Making the subject line strong or a little bigger will stand out and get the reader’s attention.

Account Information

To speed up the cancellation process, you must include details about your timeshare account in the letter. Your membership ID or timeshare account number is a unique number that helps the timeshare company quickly and correctly find your account.

This information is crucial for connecting your cancellation request to your timeshare contract. Ensure this account information is correct before you send the letter so that the canceling process doesn’t get confused or confusing.

Statement of Intent

You should clarify that you want to end the timeshare services in this part. You should be clear and leave no room for confusion as much as possible. You could say, “I am writing to formally ask that my timeshare agreement with [Company Name] be canceled.” This line makes it clear that the main point of your letter is to end the timeshare contract.

To ensure the property company gets your request immediately, make sure your statement of intent is clear.


The salutation sets the tone for your letter. If you know the recipient’s name or department, address them directly, e.g., “Dear Customer Service Department.” If unsure, you can use a general salutation like “To Whom It May Concern.”

Reasons for Cancellation

After expressing your intent to cancel, it’s important to provide a concise but informative explanation of why you want to terminate your timeshare agreement. Many individuals seek cancellation due to the rising cost of a timeshare, financial constraints, dissatisfaction with the timeshare property or services, or changes in personal circumstances.

Be honest and direct in your communication. For instance, you could say, “Due to the escalating cost of a timeshare and unforeseen financial difficulties, I can no longer maintain my timeshare obligations.” Including this information helps the timeshare company understand the basis for your request and can sometimes lead to a smoother cancellation process.

Request for Confirmation

Following your statement of intent and reasons, it’s important to formally request written confirmation of your timeshare cancellation. This confirmation should specify the effective date of the cancellation and acknowledge receipt of your request.

A sample request might be, “I kindly request that you provide written confirmation of this cancellation, specifying the date on which it becomes effective and acknowledging the receipt of this request.” This request is critical for your records, as it ensures you have documented proof of your cancellation request and its acceptance by the timeshare company.


If applicable, mention in this section that you are attaching any supporting documents to the letter. These documents might include copies of your timeshare contract, payment receipts, or any previous correspondence with the timeshare company related to your account.

Be sure to specify what documents you are including, as this can help the timeshare company review your request more efficiently. For example, you can write, “I have enclosed copies of my timeshare contract and recent payment receipts for your reference.”


Signing the letter means that you agree with what it says. It makes your request more official and real. If you’re sending a letter, write your name in the space given and sign it.

When you send an email, you can either use a digital signature tool or just type your name below the ending. Make sure that your name is written correctly and that it fits the name that is in your contact information at the beginning of the letter.

Unleash Your Freedom with a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Writing a timeshare cancellation letter can be daunting, but including key elements such as a clear statement of intent and supporting documentation can increase the chances of a successful cancellation.

Don’t let a timeshare burden you any longer; take action today and use our tips to write an effective cancellation letter. Take charge of your finances and say goodbye to your timeshare woes for good.

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