There is a significant economic shift occurring throughout Australia. Unfortunately, today, the cost of living is higher than ever, with everything from vegetables to petrol and utilities becoming more expensive. Moreover, a combination of low wage growth and higher interest rates exacerbates the problem. as a result, every Australian feels the squeeze in their pockets. This shift highlights the need to cut back on spending as much as possible. So, it has become a matter of utmost importance to understand how you use your money and in what ways you can stretch your dollar.

One of life’s primary expense centres is in the home. Running your household efficiently takes patience and ingenuity as you balance your income with living expenses. Therefore, finding ways to save money around the house can benefit your pockets. There are numerous ways to enact savings, all with varying levels of impact. Consequently, the combination of measures you implement determines how much money you save in the long run.

An ideal place to start implementing any reductions is with your energy bill. With gas and electricity prices skyrocketing, decreasing your energy usage is imperative. However, there is no way to do so without negatively impacting your lifestyle. So, it may be time to contemplate the alternative: a different energy source.

The best alternative to fossil fuel-driven energy sources is renewables. This article focuses on solar energy and the powerful solar products available to help you lower or eliminate your energy bills.

Solar Installations

If you have debated the merits of solar energy, now may be the best time to decide if it suits you. First, however, there is no contesting the fact that drawing energy from the sun is a novel and highly beneficial approach. In doing so, we take advantage of an ever-present and powerful energy source that no one on earth has to pay for. We only need ways to harness it. And that is where solar panel installations come in.

Solar panel systems significantly help you cut back on your electricity bills. This is because they use a series of components to ‘harvest’ light energy from the sun and convert it into electricity you use in your home. However, their impact on your bills varies depending on the system you opt for. For example, if you select an on-grid solar system, you utilise a hybrid model that generates electricity while the sun shines but switches your use back to the power grid at night. This option does significantly lower your electricity bills. However, it is better to choose an off-grid system to eliminate your utility costs. This variant uses a combination of solar panels connected to solar batteries that store any excess electrical energy generated during the day for use at night.

Of course, installing a solar panel system can be very costly. However, this caveat should not dissuade you from considering a switch to solar energy altogether. Numerous government-provided rebates and loan schemes are in place to make installing a solar panel system cheaper. You can inquire for more information about them from your local solar installation expert.

Solar LED Skylights

There is great news if you are not ready to commit to a full solar panel installation. Various other solar products available provide significant and beneficial advantages of using solar energy. One example is solar LED skylights.

Solar LED skylights differ from traditional skylights in their extent of use. While conventional skylights are only effective when the sun is shining, solar skylights are usable throughout the day. Solar LED skylights have small storage batteries that enable you to take advantage of solar-powered light at night. A typical solar skylight setup consists of a solar panel with a battery installed on the roof and a diffuser kit with LED lights on the ceiling inside your house. A cable connects the two.

Solar skylights can help you lower your electricity costs as they power a small contingent of lights in the house, thus reducing your overall grid-consumption load.

Solar Hot Water

Hot water in the home is more than a luxury. On the contrary, it is a crucial necessity. However, heating water comes attached with a significant price tag. It takes a lot of energy to raise the temperature of the water; therefore, you end up using a lot of electricity to enjoy hot water. But solar panel systems provide a viable alternative to gas and electricity. Not only do they allow you to keep enjoying hot water, but they do so while eliminating your energy costs.

Heating water using solar energy requires the use of solar hot water tanks. These are connected to solar panel systems that provide the power necessary for heating. You can install the solar water system on the ground or on your roof. The only difference between the two is the types of solar panels you use.

Solar Roof Ventilation

Often overlooked, ventilation nevertheless plays a crucial role in the discussion of energy savings. Proper ventilation is essential to manage and keep your electricity costs down. If it is lacking, heat can get trapped in your roof cavity. This build-up encourages the accumulation of moisture, thus causing mould and other related problems. In addition, a perpetually hot roof cavity makes the rest of your home hotter. Therefore, your air conditioner has to work harder- increasing your electricity consumption and bills.

Solar roof ventilators use solar panels to drive an electric motor and fan. The fan is, in turn, connected to a thermostat that monitors the temperatures within the roof cavity. When it reachesa certain level, for example, 30oC, the solar panel roof provides the energy necessary to activate the fan. This system reduces your reliance on air conditioners by keeping your home cool.

Solar energy is an ideal solution to the issue of rising energy costs. Opting for the best solar panels on the market provides a system that helps you take full advantage of the sun- a free energy source that gives you critical breathing room as you cope with higher living costs.

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